Tuesday, 30 August 2016

5 years have passed!

I didn’t even see this, but on 15th of June this blog / webzine / however you call it, passed its five years of existence. Well, I never thought I will carry it for that long, back then I hoped it will be just a short affair before I do another paper version of my fanzine - which I did in May 2014, but I kept on doing webzine as well, as I quite enjoy doing it. And I think it has its readers. Who I wanna thank now, for reading this bullshit that I sometimes write. I wanna thank also labels, bands and whoever else is there, for cooperation. Still most of the stuff that I review is stuff, which I buy, but I am obviously happy for every promotional shit that some people decide to send me. These days of digital promos it matters a lot and is highly prized and appreciated. I see that there’re almost 300.000 pageviews. No idea if it’s a lot or not, for me it’s great. Below you can see some statistics, which posts were most viewed (but they count only direct clicks to the link, not if you scroll down the page and view post after post), I am especially happy that three of the top ten are posts from recent weeks, which means that Panzerfaust got many views also recently. Cheers! I will carry on doing this stuff, until I get bored with it. And please, don’t ask me if there will be another paper version of Panzerfaust. I already had like 70% of issue 7 ready, but all the stuff got too old, I had no time to finish it and now it looks like I don’t care about it.

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