Friday, 13 January 2017

Warfist - Metal to the Bone

WARFIST - Metal to the Bone (GODZ OV WAR - CD 2016)
If the previous Godz ov War Productions release that I listened to – and which was Misanthropic Rage’s “Gates No Longer Shut” – was rather a challenge and the music required attention for not being an easy listen, then this album is so straight forward and traditional in its sound and style that I got into it immediately. I liked it right from the first song. Here’s new Warfist album, “Metal to the Bone”! Yes! Although I have not yet had a chance to hear their previous CD, which is 2014’s “The Devil Lives in Grünberg”, I do know well and like the songs, which were released on splits called “Beasts of Necrothrash” and “Satanic & Violent Metal Aggression”. That’s why I pretty much knew what to expect from Warfist and I knew that I will like it. And Warfist does not disappoint, more so, I think they got so much better since the mentioned splits that I am truly impressed.
Actually 2016 was a year, where hardly anything can match the brilliance of another Polish album – Ragehammer’s amazing debut “The Hammer Doctrine”. But I suppose that Warfist is not that far behind and they also get a high place in my personal ranking. Oh man, I really like their aggressive and violent style of… can I just call it thrash metal? But the thing is Warfist sounds so much more brutal, darker and evil than all those wimpy US thrash bands, so I always hesitate to call it just thrash. Fuck that though. Let’s just imagine that these guys have combined some of the best ingredients from old records like “Show No Mercy”, “Obsessed by Cruelty”, “Endless Pain”, “The Return”, “Into the Abyss” (Poison!!!!!), “The Laws of Scourge”… and few more of course, as there are so many killer albums. I would even add Metallica, because the riffs in “Breed of War” in the opening theme do remind me “Disposable Heroes”. But the thing is Warfist plays all this shit in more intense and extreme way, they add more hellish sulphur and evilness to it, sometimes even spicing everything with a small black metal touch (and obviously Darkthrone can also be mentioned among their influences, as well as such Aura Noir). I won’t be even able to pick up the best songs, as all of them sound great and crush viciously. But I do wanna mention the title track, as it sounds like a real metal anthem, with an idea very similar to Desaster’s “Metallized Blood”. This song sounds fantastic. Also “Playing God” stands out a bit, but maybe because it reminds me something, but I just cannot put a name which other band and song it resembles. Who cares. The entire album sounds sweet and bad ass, so yeah – I loved it!
Definitely the title “Metal to the Bone” describes and fits this album perfectly and I just have nothing more to add. It is pure and 100% traditional metal, it is deeply rooted in the classics and yet it has something great to offer and does not taste like microwaved old food. I like the riffs, I like the vocals, I like how easily listenable it is and damn, I also like the production and this fantastic artwork. Both Godz ov War and Warfist did great job and  I sincerely recommend you “Metal to the Bone”. Grab a copy if you call yourself metalhead. Remember, it isn’t for pussies haha!
Standout track: “Metal to the Bone”

Final rate: 85/100

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