Thursday, 18 August 2016

Morgue - Doors of No Return

MORGUE - Doors of No Return (FAT ASS Records- LP 2016)
Personally I’m not into this sort of extreme music, which French band Morgue serves us on their third album “Doors of No Return”, so listening to it was almost like a toothache – slow, long and painful haha! Yeah, I’m joking, but I really hardly ever – or never to be honest – listen to bands like Morgue and I’m just not interested in this kind of scene / style. So, having this album for review was not necessarily something I would be happy about. On the other hand I appreciate Fat Ass Records, who decided to send me a copy of vinyl for review!
What is Morgue then that it gives me all the pain? This was the first opportunity for me to hear about them and their music. And well, you can probably give it many descriptions, but I guess calling it extreme grinding death metal with some hard core influences would be the fairest. Morgue music is noisy, still relatively fast and technical, and you cannot say that it’s not brutal or whatever… but I just cannot find anything what I would really like about it, sorry to say. Aside the fact that it’s not my style of music, I’ve tried to give it a justice and find myself in it. I didn’t manage.
Every song on “Doors of No Return” sounds the same to me. I don’t know if it’s because I’m just too sceptical or what, but the vocals for example are all so one dimensional and through the whole album you can hear the same, boring scream. The music sometimes gets a bit more varied, like for example in the final song “Safe in Gods Care (Here In)”, but it’s still far from anything what I would really enjoy. Morgue music is just noisy wall of sound and lacks the atmosphere, which I normally want to hear even in the brutal death metal bands. But one thing I can admit though – they sound really pissed off and furious.
Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that “Doors of No Return” is entirely bad shit and that this album doesn’t deserves anyone’s attention. I suppose that those, who’re into such music will enjoy it, maybe some other people also. I didn’t just because I don’t like this style of music, although there are some moments, when I was quite intrigued, like for example in the beginning of “Transcend the Acheron”, where I almost had an impression that it may be something alike to Angel Corpse (at least this impression was for a short fragment haha). The ending part of “House of the Departed” is another fragment that really caught my attention (I like those slow riffs in it a lot!). Anyway, I doubt that I will come back to Morgue that soon. It’s nice to have another piece of vinyl in collection, but with the amount of stuff I get these days I just doubt I will listen to “Doors of No Return” in this decade again.

Final rate: 55/100

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