Saturday, 22 July 2017

Hatespawn / Charon - Mass Celebration for the Seven Blood-Bounding Rituals of Misery, Death and Abomination

HATESPAWN / CHARON - Mass Celebration for the Seven Blood-Bounding Rituals of Misery, Death and Abomination (SEPULCHRAL VOICE split 7"EP 2011)
Damn, this split 7"EP was waiting two years I think, until I finally played it haha! Shame, but shit happens sometimes. I bought it because I wanted to check these two bands. I knew them by the names, but never had a chance to hear any of their recordings. This was a good opportunity to finally check them out. The split 7" titled "Mass Celebration for the Seven Blood-Bounding Rituals of Misery, Death and Abomination" is a blasphemous onslaught of two German death metal legions that go under the names Hatespawn and Charon. 
So, when Hatespawn's "The Invocated Awakening" started I knew right away that this is my sort of shit. This band performs very obscure, harsh and evil sounding death metal done the old school, primeval way, which is just pure feast for my ears. It may sound too primitive or raw for some, but not for me. Hatespawn evokes great dark atmosphere, their riffs are really fantastic, with a strong old school, almost slightly thrashy feeling, great abominations of the vocalist A. Deathmonger... and finally a suitable production, which I am surprised is quite clean, yet vicious and harsh. The way "The Invocated Awakening" has been composed and performed leaves do doubts that we deal with exceptional band and I am just disappointed that I have not heard anything else from Hatespawn yet. I buy so many records every month and not even once I had obtained their stuff. I'm about to change that! 
A. Deathmonger is also a vocalist in Charon, so both projects are connected in many ways. Their anthem "Spell & Revelation" is also truly fuckin killer! Musically I can hear there more black metal influences, with its viciousness and obscure, blasphemous feeling combined with death metal aggression. The music has quite ritualistic aura, it's also slightly more chaotic and definitely faster. But again I am very impressed and I cannot believe that my knowledge about Charon is so small. They have a full length titled "Sulphur Seraph (The Archon Principle)" released and I already purchased a CD copy of it! 
This split 7" was Sepulchral Voice's only third release, but what a fine and impressive single it is. I love the packaging, the whole layout and artwork... I love the music of both bands (Hatespawn's my favourite!) and everything else. Absolutely recommended.  
Final rate: 90 / 100 

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