Thursday, 18 August 2016

Revel In Flesh / Zombiefication - Eyeless Ghoulish Horror

REVEL IN FLESH / ZOMBIEFICATION - Eyeless Ghoulish Horror (DOOMENTIA Records - Split 7"EP 2015)
It becomes more and more difficult to keep the track on everything what Revel In Flesh releases! This band became very active and aside three full length albums, they managed to unleash also eight (!!) split 7”EPs! But don’t worry, so far I managed to grab everything they putted out, so I am happy haha. And this split with Zombiefication is the last shit that I grabbed. Called “Eyeless Ghoulish Horror” it’s a fine addition to my Revel In Flesh collection for sure. And even if the song “Nightrealm Ghouls: The Dead Will Walk the Earth” doesn’t bring anything new, I just enjoyed it. Because I like Revel’s music a lot. Yes, this song may just follow the same recipe the band had for their previous releases and songs, but the most important thing is that it keeps the high quality of death metal intact and the band still has guts and passion to create some killer riffs and compose crushing music. Some will obviously bitch about the point of playing same and same shit so many times, but why would we care? This is very good song, I like the melodic side of it, especially its dark and quite sorrowful atmosphere of the ending part… yeah, Revel In Flesh never disappointed me so far.
On the other hand I think that I’ve never heard Zombiefication music before, although I’ve familiar with the name of this band for a long time. They putted out three albums already, but damn - you just can’t buy everything, you will never know every fuckin album that is released these days, there’s too many! So, sorry if I’m not gonna make any comparisons of these two new songs to their earlier material. Aside that, I think their music is quite good, although it’s a bit different to your usual death metal, so it took me a while to get used to it. Their music surely has that raw, old school vibe, but I have to say that it sounds quite original, for example due to a bit different sound of vocals, which is far from your typical death growl. Some of their riffs also distinguish Zombiefication from the majority of other old school death metal bands, maybe because it has a slight thrashing vibe. Anyway, it all sounds very good indeed, it’s aggressive, crazy and just damn vicious shit! So, I like it! I will definitely have to check their albums also!
Final rate: 75/100

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