Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Suspiral - Dawn of Kezef

SUSPIRAL - Dawn of Kezef (EQUINOX DISCOS - 7"EP 2015)
Damn, I don’t know how many of you will be prepared for such vicious and chaotic attack of black / death metal from Spanish Suspiral, but be sure this is gonna be something what will blow your head off with no mercy at all. This 7”EP called “Dawn of Kezef” is a debut recording of this duo, but this band sounds very strong here and I have to say that recordings like this are another proof that metal music sounds the best if it’s morbid, vicious and violent. There are just two tracks on “Dawn of Kezef” and both are like an explosion of totally fast and cacophonous, chaotic noise. All these words that I used here to describe the music of Suspiral are the only ones, which I think fits them. You won’t find here any trace of melody nor anything what would give a smallest light in this most obscure, blackest and coldest catacomb. There’s nothing entertaining about it. The title song may have slowed down for a minute, but even then Suspiral doesn’t lose that morbid feeling of their music. This stuff will terrify all the weak and its viciousness and malicious aura are not for everyone. Luckily for the listener, while the production of this EP is raw and crude and the music is fast and chaotic, the riffs and vocals are still pretty easy to hear and recognise, so they don’t disappear in the useless wall of unbreakable noise. Instead we get powerful and massive sound. Great stuff, really.
I guess that along with Sartegos, Suspiral may be my favourite black / death metal band from Spain at the moment. They’ve done recently a debut album titled “Delve into the Mysteries of Transcendence” and now it’s something I truly need to find.

Final rate: 80/100

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