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Pandemonium - Bones Will Rise from the Ground Live

PANDEMONIUM - Bones Will Rise from the Ground Live (OLD TEMPLE CD 2015)
Pandemonium is one of the longest running Polish bands for sure. In their close to 30 years long history (formed in 1989!) they had their ups and downs, better and worse albums, they even had to change the name for Domain, when the original drummer Żuber registered the original moniker, and then as Domain recorded another three excellent albums. All in all, I think that if you don’t know Pandemonium and such classics like “The Ancient Catatonia” or “Devilri”, then it’s huge mistake. I do have an impression though that Pandemonium is hugely underrated, especially the stuff they recorded recently, like the phenomenal “Misanthropy” (2012) album, but even such “Hellspawn” (2007). So, please check these albums out, because Pandemonium deserves attention. Meanwhile, Old Temple released this compilation “Bones Will Rise from the Ground Live”, which may also interest you. I personally treat it like a collectors’ item, because the purpose of this compilation is doubtful. But I guess it’s always cool to listen to this band and here you’ll find some very nice songs indeed.
The best part of “Bones Will Rise from the Ground Live” is surely the first one, where you can find some different studio recordings, from various sessions. First, there’s excellent “In Lord We Trust”, which is sort of exclusive song here and which would fit the last full length perfectly, with quite disturbing, dark, eerie aura and slow, hypnotizing music. Then there’re couple of newly recorded songs that were featured also on “Misanthropy”. I don’t know what’s the point to re-record these songs again, since they’re still very fresh, but it’s always nice to hear such “Only the Dead Will See the End of War”, which is just epic piece, with strong almost ritualistic feeling and aura that reminds me such Septic Flesh. And I like song called “Misanthropy” even more! We’re also treated with cover of “Equimanthorn” and re-recorded song “Hellspawn”, which are fine.
Then there’s the second part of “Bones Will Rise from the Ground Live”, which is a 2005 live recording. And it’s pretty cool, I can say, even if the sound quality is quite raw, but who cares, right? The set list contains many Pandemonium classics like “Hagia Sophia”, “Unholy Existence” or “Memories”, so it’s surely a nice present for fans of the early Pandemonium recordings. I have to say that I like that they didn’t make “a fake live recording”, how I usually call them… you know, live recordings, which are polished in the studio or even have some additional parts recorded in the studio, with the screams from the audience extended or cut off. No, this live recording is harsh, but that’s why it’s also authentic. You can hear that it was done in small venue, with probably small number of maniacs under the scene, but they do scream the usual Polish “napierdalać!!” (haha) or the band name, so it’s all as it should be. It sounds like it must have been a good show.
And that’s it. “Bones Will Rise from the Ground Live” is not a must have release, it’s rather something for the fans of the band and collectors. Surely it will make the waiting for new album shorter.

Final rate: 65/100

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