Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Threshold End - In the Jaws of Curse

THRESHOLD END - In the Jaws of Curse (GODEATER - CD 2015)
This time the sticky tentacles of Godeater Records reached Colombia and brought us Threshold End with their debut album “In the Jaws of Curse”. As you probably know, Colombia is one of those countries, which is not popular among metal maniacs, especially when compared to other South American countries like Chile and Brazil. Sure, they have their legends like Masacre and Inquisition, but what’s that when compared to the number of killer Chilean releases? Who cares, I guess. I don’t know if Threshold End will ever reach the status of Masacre, as at the moment their music is too generic and not quite as good yet to bring more attention to them. But I can admit that they’re just solid death metal band, which do not bring shame to Colombian scene.
To be honest, the music on “In the Jaws of Curse” is not quite my favourite style of death metal, so maybe this is why I am not so totally enthusiastic about this album, even if I can admit it is quite solid and enjoyable release, with good quality music. My general feeling is that half of this album sounds really good and I like this powerful, neck breaking death metal which sounds a lot like old school North American death metal with its technicality, brutality and intensity comparable to Suffocation, Malevolent Creation or Gorguts. With songs like “Apocalypse is Now”, “Predator Prey”, “Horror, Dreams and Sorrow” (which even has some very Death like parts!) or “Destruction Truth” it’s just no bullshit, but worthy death metal. And I like it, with the fast tempos, crushing intensity, strength and great musicianship, including so well performed bass guitar. Even the production, which I think could have been better and more powerful, with not so thin guitars tone and plastic drums, is not something what would really disturb me.
Sadly though at some point “In the Jaws of Curse” songs begin to drop some quality and start to be tiring, starting with “Swap Meat” or even more “Burning Inside the Flesh”, which has this modern death metal feeling that I hate. And I am not a fan of this sort of riffs and style at all. Threshold End looses even more points with “Viral Digital Possession” and “Nuclear Annihilation (Hyun)”. I just can’t understand those more progressive touches in these songs that come after complete change of mood and style. I can understand the will to make your music more diverse and interesting, but in this case I am just not so much impressed with the result. Good thing though is that when you take “In the Jaws of Curse” as a whole and play this album from start to finish, then you don’t really feel annoyed so much even by the songs you like less and the album goes smoothly.
So, as overall it is solid album. It isn’t anything groundbreaking and exceptional, but if you like technical death metal but without sounding lame or with no sense, then it’s definitely a very good offer for you!

Final rate: 60/100

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