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Archives of the Dead part XXI: ASPHYXIATION – The Last Temptation…

Archives of the Dead part XXI: ASPHYXIATION – The Last Temptation… (Demo 1993)
Line up: Chris (guitar, bass), Tom (drums), Martin (guitars), Arek (vocals)
Recorded and mixed at ZDK WSK "Mewa" , Rzeszów, 21-24.09.1993
I keep saying that there are still many, many killer demos from the 80’s / 90’s from completely unknown bands waiting to be discovered. I keep learning about new stff all the time (yes, thanks to the fuckin internet!). Here in Poland there is also some old shit, that I’ve never heard before, but which is quite enjoyable and worthy. For example I’ve never heard Asphyxiation before. I’m familiar with another band of some of its members, called Sacrum, but Asphyxiation is a complete surprise and band, which I’ve discovered only recently. They were formed in 1990 and “The Last Temptation...” is their only demo, recorded in 1993. I have to say this tape sounds not bad at all and I quite like it. Of course it’s nothing utterly brilliant, because if it was then every maniac in Poland would know Asphyxiation for years. But it is solid and enjoyable stuff for sure. There are five songs plus intro of harsh, brutal death metal that personally reminds me for example Armagedon’s “Dead Condemnation” demo, as well as some of the more brutal and obscure Swedish or Finnish demos from the very early 90’s. As said before, “The Last Temptation...” is nothing spectacular and rather common demo, but I like it anyway. Asphyxiation brings some great riffs of slow to mid paced old school death metal, with reasonably good, damn harsh and outdated production and good enough vocals. Their music may lack a bit of heaviness, sometimes sounds a bit primitive and archaic and more so, I think that the guitar solos on the entire demo just suck totally and sound really bad, but it surely doesn’t break the whole effect.
So, it is decent death metal demo, nothing more, nothing less. I enjoyed such songs as “Age of Fall” (definitely the fastest and best track from the demo) or “Dance on the Pentagram”, although this is one of those songs with terribly annoying solos. Surely this demo was not good enough to see Asphyxiation break through, but was a decent start. The band never continued though and split up some time later, so “The Last Temptation...” is their only recording.

Final rate: 65/100

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