Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Festering - From the Grave

FESTERING - From the Grave
This time we move to Portugal, but the music sounds so much Swedish that it probably doesn’t make any difference haha! Anyways, I wrote in another review that these days it looks like every European country needs their Dismember and Entombed – a killer Swedish sounding death metal band. Spain has one or two, Italy does also, and of course also Germany, Czech Republic, Russia, Poland, Holland and so on… Even Sweden has their Swedish sounding bands haha! But Portugal? I cannot even mention (m)any bands from there, which I would really like. But damn, Festering is awesome. Firstly I made a blind buy of their “From the Grave” cassette. I loved it. And then I saw that this demo is also released on CD with “Exhumed” EP as bonus, so I also bought this one. And damn, this music sounds so nice that I was playing it (loud, yes!) for more than few days and still have not enough of it.
And I completely don’t give a fuck if someone will say that Festering are another band, who recycle similar riffs and have complete lack of their own identity, because they have the typical production, typical riffs and even the vocals sound like in Entrails or Demonical. Yeah. I don’t give a tiniest fuck about it, if only the music sounds so damn good. And in my opinion “From the Grave” sounds splendid. If you’re a fan of this sort of death metal, then I strongly recommend Festering to you. You’ll love it, I promise. These guys have killer riffs, really, with a lot of harsh, aggressive stuff, some blasts also, obviously Swedish death metal must also have melody and dark, horror aura and “From the Grave” has these also. All in all, this music sounds perfect for my ears. I am maybe not so much demanding about my favourite style of music, but I can recognize shit and useless copycats from real deal and great stuff. Festering from start to finish is fantastic. The performance is perfect, I love the sound and all songs. Obviously I have my favourites, but if I say that the whole CD sounds solid and exciting then don’t think I play bullshit.
By the way, it is interesting that Festering was formed already back in 1992, but split up after the release of split demo with Morbid Simphony. And then was reformed in 2011 and what we can listen on “From the Grave” are all songs, which the band composed since the reformation. Well, if they keep on doing such great stuff as this CD then I already can’t wait to hear more.
Standout tracks: all, yes.

Final rate: 80/100

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