Monday, 14 March 2016

Humiliation / Savage Deity - Devastation / War Crime

HUMILIATION / SAVAGE DEITY - Devastation / War Crime (BRUTAL ART Records 7"EP split 2015)
Brutal Art Records owner must like Humiliation a lot, because this band appeared on almost every release from his label… on five, to be exact. Here’s one of them, this time we have split with two Asian bands: Humiliation (Malaysia) and Savage Deity (Thailand). Yes, we have two Asian death metal bands released on European label, something what doesn’t happen I think so often!
After hearing two other split seven inches, I already know what can I expect from Humiliation and these two new songs doesn’t bring any surprises. This is still the same Bolt Thrower, Hail of Bullets, old Gorefest kind of old school death metal, with heavy as fuck sound and riffage that brings utter devastation. Hmm, even if I feel like the songs from other splits that I’ve listened to were a bit better (especially on Obscure Infinity split), these tracks are still solid and worthy, especially the second one called “Tank”. The tempo is constantly slow, the overall sound is just massive crushing beast, with some melodic accents here and there… but it just sounds great. I don’t know if it works on full length albums (but will find out soon, as I’m waiting for two albums now, which I ordered after hearing Humiliation music for the first time few days ago), but on shorter releases it’s great and you don’t feel any need for some faster parts, etc. Just very good, severe stuff.
And now Savage Deity. I’ve never heard of this Thai band, but they surprised me also, with quite good quality of death metal. They’re maybe not as good as Humiliation, but damn, if you like bands like Grave, old Death, Hail of Bullets, even a bit of newer Deicide and such, then this stuff is for you. Their music doesn’t excite me fully, but it’s solid for sure and I cannot say anything bad about them. “Unit 731” is my favourite of the two songs, it’s very good indeed. It was nice to hear some faster parts in it, together with the slow stuff with quite melodic leads. Definitely Savage Deity is another band from Asia to check for you. They also have one full length album.

Final rate: 70/100

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