Monday, 14 March 2016

Revel in Flesh / Humiliation - Death Campaign / The Ending In Fire

REVEL IN FLESH / HUMILLIATION - Death Campaign / The Ending In Fire (BRUTAL ART Split 7"EP 2015)
So, as said in my Obscure Infinity / Humiliation review, there will be more Brutal Art Records reviews coming… and this is one of them, with one of my current favourites Revel in Flesh on side A and Humiliation (again haha) on side B. It’s cool that both bands live many kilometres away from each other, but they share the worship for old school death metal and in case of this EP decided to release their passion for one of the best classic death metal acts, called Bolt Thrower! This impression is obvious and comes not only from the music, which is so heavily influenced by the British combo, but even from the artwork, which is war based.
So, Revel in Flesh comes first. They’re usually more Swedish sounding band, but here they crush with damn nice, heavy and massive slow song that screams “Bolt Thrower” with all the power in the lungs. It has some great melodic accents, but mainly it’s just groovy and crushing piece that all death metal freaks should love with all heart, as it doesn’t lack anything… unless you only like fast shit, then it’s not for you. Great riffs, which are as heavy as memorable, great vocals, very good sound quality. Yes, Revel in Flesh proves why they belong to my favourite new death metal bands.
This is my second meeting with Humiliation music, after the splendid split they did with Obscure Infinity. And again this Malaysian band comes with very good song. Oh, I love it, what a nice feeling and great riffage that makes you bang your skull like crazy fucker. Obviously Humiliation doesn’t come up with anything you wouldn’t know, but their old school death metal sounds just killer and crushing. I wish more Asian bands had the same quality, but that’s very rare to hear from this continent. I personally can say that my favourites are Anatomia and Coffins and now also Humiliation. And let’s not forget Pathogen and Deathevoker. Anyway, Humiliation comes with one song here, “Meet the Challenge” and I just want to hear more such awesome stuff from them. Very good performance, solid and spotless old school monster.
Yeah, normally I would recommend this split 7”EP to all… but not this time, as it’s been sold out even before the release date haha! There were three colour versions, all together with just 250 copies (mine, which is green, was limited to 110 copies), so you had to be fast. So, too late fuckers now. Check Ebay or Discogs for vultures, who will re-sell it for triple price.

Final rate: 80/100

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