Thursday, 10 March 2016

Obscure Infinity / Humiliation split EP

Brutal Art is quite new Germany based label, which I discovered when they started to release whole lot of awesome split 7”EPs with some of my favourite death metal bands. Their first release was Obscure Infinity / Humiliation split, which I really wanted to grab, as Obscure Infinity is just super cool band and I managed to collect all the stuff they released, except this one split. But finally I got it in my hands! It wasn’t easy, because all Brutal Art releases are very limited (this one with 333 copies only!), but I don’t care now.
Obviously I started to listen to this seven inch with Obscure Infinity side and damn, it sounds just super fuckin awesome. “Joyless Flesh” is extremely brutal and fast song, which just blows everything out into the moon, with great blasting old school death metal that is so powerful that this moon will soon explode and all its remains will hit the earth and destroy it also, bringing total annihilation to all living forms hahahaha. Fuck, I suppose this may be my favourite song from this band, really. And later they also offer a live recording of “Morbid Ways of God” from their debut album and it also sounds amazing, with really great live production, which makes me wish to hear the entire live set with such fantastic sound quality. “Morbid Ways…” is also quite fast and damn aggressive, so after hearing these two songs played loud as fuck I can only pick up mu teeth from the floor and get money for the dentist. Excellent work.
Side B has Humiliation from Malaysia, a band that seems to be very appreciated by Brutal Art Records owner, because they appeared on almost every fuckin split EP he released haha. For me this was a first opportunity to hear their music, I only knew them by name and I’m glad I can finally get to know them, because their music sounds also great. It sounds very old school, if you think of UK bands such as Bolt Thrower and Benediction, with a bit of Asphyx, Hail of Bullets and Gorefest from their early days. All in all, it’s super awesome old school death metal, heavy as fuck, well played, well recorded, with nothing else to wish other than MORE!!! I have two more split EPs with them waiting to be listened, plus I just decided to order two CDs, so damn it, this was a nice introduction to this Malaysian band haha (who, by the way, have already six (!!!) full length albums releases, damn it! I ordered two, so four to go haha!).
More Brutal Art reviews soon!

Final rate: 85/100

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