Friday, 24 July 2015

Morbid Panzer - Demo MMXV

MORBID PANZER - Demo MMXV (Weed Hunter Records MC 2015)
And now a release from nicely called German label Weed Hunter Records of also nicely called German band (ha!) Morbid Panzer! I don’t really know much about the band (except that they’re from Berlin and this demo is their first recording), I also don’t know much about the label – but surely will do some research later – but this release is really cool. First off, it’s a cassette, released in 200 copies limitation. Secondly, this is very obscure, morbid and possessed thrash metal in the most vulgar and primitive way you can imagine, so no bullshit here, but a total sonic attack that can cause a hearing damage.
As mentioned, it’s just raw and vulgar stuff and not the fancy “I wanna be like “Holt lead guitar virtuoso and sing like Souza” Exodus rip off”. Fuck it! No, it’s just some truly simplistic and violent piece of thrash. Ha, it’s almost hilarious in some places, when I listen to the vocals for example, which here and there have crossed the line of good taste haha, with some high pitched screams or whatever else this dude is doing there haha (listen to “The Birth”!)! Don’t know, maybe he was drunk or what? haha!
Generally Morbid Panzer kind of reminds me the Polish band called Bloodthirst, in songs like “Strikes of Doom” especially, which I guess I can compare to some older Bloodthirst stuff. But at the same time Panzer has this nice, melodic touch in their music, which is all about the Swedish obscure metal of death in the vein of such Nifelheim! Actually there are quite few melodic themes here, which give a nice, more special feeling to the whole demo. Already “Strikes of Doom” begins with that kind of “horror” melody, which I like a lot. But then “Sodomizer of Death” has even more killer harmonic riffage – and it’s for sure my favourite fragment of the whole demo, so much in the vein of bands like Bloodstone (CULT!) and Nifelheim. But the best song is probably “Black Rider of Madness”. It has just killer riffs, like those in the opening fragment. It’s quite slower song when compared to the rest of the demo, more easily listenable I guess, but still fuckin raw. Obviously the entire demo has that totally harsh, garage like production, the music may feel like it’s slightly primitive, but some of these riffs are fuckin delicious and Panzer did some great work here.
Good demo then and a nice addition to the cassette collection. Weed Hunter Records has unleashed that piece in 200 copies, so be fuckin quick and do not hesitate to grab a copy!
Standout tracks: “Black Rider of Madness”, “Strikes of Doom”, “Sodomizer of Death”

Final rate: 69/100

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