Monday, 28 September 2015

Encoffined - Encoffined

I bought another tape from Till You Fukkin Bleed and it was a complete blind buy, to be honest, but I told myself “why not trying a band from Argentina?”. And you know, I realize there were quite few bands in this country, but I don’t own any in my collection and can’t even name one, which I would like. Even Vibrion. So, a blind buy or not, let’s give Encoffined a try, shall we, so I can finally memorize at least one good band from Argentina!
The band was only formed last year and this is their first release, but I can say it’s pretty solid death metal, played in the old school vein. They’re not bad. The music is surely influenced by the European classics for sure, such as Benediction, Grave with some hints to US masters like Autopsy and so on. Nothing what would cause my ears bleed, but a nice, solid stuff for sure. I mean, Encoffined have a cool, harsh sound, nice riffs and the songs are fun to listen to. They’re not super brutal or fast, sometimes they’re even slightly melodic and groovy, “The Re-Animator” being surely the best song here with some great riffs and nice, classic song structure, not to mention really cool horror lyrics. “Carrier of Doom” also sounds great; it’s aggressive, filthy and just nasty death metal. I only wish the vocals were more deeper, growling in the classic way, instead of that shriek, which is here. It’s not bad, don’t get me wrong, but I just prefer the death growls.

Final rate: 65/100

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