Monday, 28 September 2015

Inexorable End - Voices of a Frozen Heart

INEXORABLE END - Voices of a Frozen Heart (EQUINOS DISCOS)
I like the current Spanish scene, I must say. There are quite few bands, many of which belong to my favourites, when speaking of the current underground (extreme) metal. But most of them is death metal and I am not sure if I really like any black metal bands from there? Well, can’t remember of any now. Anyways, I got this small promo CD from Equinox Discos with a demo from band called Inexorable End from Zaragoza and yes, this is some well sounding black metal stuff. This demo was first titled “Voces de un corazón helado” and it was a version with Spanish lyrics. But I have an English version, called “Voices of a Frozen Heart”, which is released on cassette (the Spanish one is on the other hand released as a split 12” LP with band called Black Coma). Only three songs, but it’s enough to find some great potential in this group and definitely I can say that this is worthy underground release.
Inexorable End is no bullshit, they don’t waste time and right from the start they hit us with some obscure, fierce and cold black metal. And you know… Voices of a Frozen Heart” is nothing new or spectacular, but just solid stuff. Inexorable End plays black metal in its purer and more traditional forms and their music is mainly focused on fast, quite one dimensional playing. “Voices of a Frozen Heart” is as such in its majority, what even reminds me some old Swedish black metal albums like early Dark Funeral or Setherial. Luckily Inexorable End do also bring some different, slower bits like for example in the title track. This song is nothing, but speedy, violent black metal for the long time, until the tempo slows down a lot into quite melancholic stuff, with some sort of mournful melodies, what actually works great and this slow fragment is even my favourite moment of the whole demo. But generally all three songs, even if far from being utterly exceptional, sound good and solid in my opinion. And that’s all I can write about it. It’s nothing what you can call “brilliant”, but just a fine piece of black metal obscurity.
Final rate: 65/100

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