Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Dun - Nature Morte

DUN - Nature Morte (WOLFSPELL Records - CD 2015)
I don’t know how was that possible that I’ve missed this Polish label before, as usually I am quite well informed about what’s going on in the Polish hell. Anyways, I found about the existence of Wolfspell Records quite recently and later I also got a package with several releases from this label. And the first randomly selected album to listen to was Dun with “Nature Morte”. This project, just as all other bands from Wolfspell roster, is completely unknown to me; and it turns out it’s a one man project from France, formed by an individual named Orde. “Nature Morte” is his first recording, by the way.
And as for a debut, this is quite solid and enjoyable release, I think. Stylistically Dun embraces the more atmospheric and melodic take on black metal, basing the music on quite melancholic, but also harmonious, mainly slow riffing that evokes the properly sorrowful and gloomy aura. I don’t usually listen to such music often, to be honest, as I prefer harsher and more obscure, violent black metal, but Dun is fine anyway. Not perfect though, as I feel like the vocals could have been better and also they’re slightly too high in the mix. More so, while I can live with the programmed drums and generally the song structures and majority of the riffs is good, then some of these parts are tiny bit too melodic or soft for my taste. I mean, take for example the song called “Aube Noire” – the riffing in it went just too far from the fundaments of the genre, into softened rock / metal. The vocals can still be rough and shriek in it, but the music is too weak. Orde tried to bring some different influences and I can understand it, but damn it, this song is boring, mellow and the guitar leads simply irritate me. Then “Mistral Gagnant” is just bad. I discovered that it’s actually a cover, of a popular French pop singer Renaud. And I even checked the original version – it’s some utter shit and well, this cover also sounds damn bad, in my opinion. The vocals in it are not so good again and generally the whole song is not interesting at all.
I need to point out though that all the songs from “Nature Morte”, which I don’t like, are at the end of the album. That means that for me personally, this album is just too long. It’s 53 minutes of music in total, so I would easily erase the last two tracks I mentioned above. The rest is pretty damn cool. The opening title song is filled with nice harmonies and is simply much better than “Aube Noire”. The aura is very melancholic and sorrowful, almost doomy, but I like how it is combined with more vigorous tempo. This, like all other songs, is quite lengthy and maybe sometimes Orde had not enough ideas to keep the songs equally interesting through the whole time, so it’s close to become just boring, but it worked well on this opening track. It did also in “La Halte”, especially when the song fastens up and becomes more aggressive. My favourite song on “Nature Morte” is actually “La Furie du Fou” , mainly for its faster parts. I really like how Dun creates the more sinister aura in it and the way the riffs are arranged and song is structured. But it’s almost pity they didn’t keep it fast through the whole song as soon it slows down to the usual mid paced / slow harmonious and mournful black metal.
So, this is Dun and “Nature Morte”. This album isn’t bad. It’s really solid, but just too long for my taste, so I would just keep the first four tracks and erase the remaining last two. If you’re into melancholic, harsh black metal, with long songs and cruel production, then try this up. The CD is limited to 500 hand numbered copies, in case you wanna ask,.
Standout track: “La Furie du Fou”

Final rate: 60/100

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