Friday, 11 September 2015

Let them Hang - Blood Illuminated Grave

LET THEM HANG - Blood Illuminated Grave (TILL YOU FUKKIN BLEED - MC 2015)
New Swedish band is lurking from the grave now, spawned in some horrid, obscene rituals and later killed, so the filthy undead can rise up during the necromantic rites. This thing was called Let Them Hang and the aim is simple: to spread the obscure, unbearable noise among the weak people and hang them all of course haha! OK, enough bullshit. This is Let Them Hang from Gothenburg; a new three piece band, which already recorded several short demos, but so far only one has made it to the physical format, which is a shame. This demo is called “Blood Illuminated Grave” and tape version was released through Till You Fukkin Bleed. And yes, I bought it, I had to ha!
And what else can those fuckers play than death metal in their native scene style? Ha, it is so obvious that I shouldn’t even write this. But yeah, Let Them Hang do not play stupid games with us, but just do what the Swedes can do the best: and that means giving us some filthy, obscure anthems of death. No originality, no experimentations, no unnecessary influences. Just to the point, crusty and punky D-beat death metal, which we can compare to the likes of Entombed, Usurpress or Bombs of Hades. Do expect some nice, groovy riffs, played in mid tempos, but also with quite few doomy pieces, like those in “Gothenburg Is Burning”, with that horror, horrifying feeling – great! “The Hanged” is definitely my favourite track on the demo though, as the riffs there are just excellent, again quite doomy, but so bloody good. On the other hand I like “Goat Star” least, it is just a stinking punk / crust, more than death metal. A great shadow of Entombed’s “Wolverine Blues” or “Serpent Saints” floats over the whole demo, but Let Them Hang did good job on “Blood Illuminated Grave”, in my opinion. It’s a good, solid recording, even if the production could have been better. But damn, this is a demo, not a full length. The songwriting is nice and you know, even if it’s nothing new, then I think that Let Them Hang sounds a little bit different than the most common, more aggressive and melodic Dismember-like Swedish bands. So, give them a chance, check their bandcamp for all four recordings, buy also this cassette. And hang them all.
Standout tracks: “The Hanged”, “Omega Rising”

Final rate: 70/100

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