Thursday, 10 September 2015

Saattoväki - Carnal Liturgies

I missed the first cassette of Saattoväki, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect from those Finns, but once I saw “Carnal Liturgies” being available, I bought a copy.  Maybe it was that blasphemous artwork that made me buy it without even knowing any music from the band haha? Yeah, cool art there in the front. And “Carnal Liturgies” is actually a third Saattoväki demo, with four new tracks. So, let’s rot!
I have some difficulties actually to really describe the music of Saattoväki, so maybe it would be just the easiest to call them death metal and skip all the comparisons. But on the other hand Saattoväki has that melodic and groovy edge, which makes me think of such records as Carcass’ “Heartwork”, but also about bands like “Erase” era Gorefest, Crown of Thorns (The Crown) or “Soulless” era Grave. So, maybe not my favourite releases from those bands, but still some decent stuff. And my feeling towards Saattoväki music is exactly like that - not the best death metal I’ve ever heard, not particularly my favourite style, but still a solid and worthy recording. The biggest problem I have with “Carnal Liturgies” are probably those few dull moments, which appear here and there. Of course Saattoväki also knows how to fuel their music and there are even some blasts, as well as some effective slower pieces, but I don’t know... In few fragments their music is just mediocre. But maybe I have that feeling as the production is not quite as powerful as I would wish? Or maybe it’s just the cassette having that muffled sound? I don’t know. All in all, this demo is not making the impression bigger than I would expect. It’s solid, good and decent, but nothing more. Songs like “Supreme Blasphemy” or “Omnipotent Devourer” are OK, have some heavier riffs and more straight forward attitude. Anyway, I am still happy that this demo is in my collection, Saattoväki ir promising band and shows the ability to crush with some killer death metal, but hasn’t done that exactly on “Carnal Liturgies” yet. We’ll see what will they come up with later on!
Standout track: “Supreme Blasphemy”, “Omnipotent Devourer”

Final rate: 65/100

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