Thursday, 3 September 2015

Profanatism - My Kingdom Come

PROFANATISM - My Kingdom Come (Promo 2015)
Not so long ago I was listening to Profanatism’s debut demo “Painful Incarnations” and I really enjoyed it. There were three great songs on this CD and surely they were something more than just your average black metal. So, I definitely hoped that the band will carry on with that quality also on the upcoming recordings. “My Kingdom Come” is their newest release, bringing seven new anthems of quite atmospheric, dark black metal. I am happy to discover that the Polish duo evolves in the right direction and their music is more and more interesting, blending harsh, raw black metal with a lot of melody and atmosphere, which has almost hypnotizing feeling. That gives their music almost epic mood, especially as it is mainly played in slower tempos and if faster, more aggressive black metal appears then it’s coming less frequently than I expected. And it’s great. Nothing groundbreaking, of course, but just solid and worthy stuff, well played, well recorded and even the drums machine doesn’t disturb. Songs like “Dark Essence” or “I Cold” are super cool, I like the riffs a lot and how Profanatism builds the dark, cold, gloomy mood in their music, especially as that melodic background makes this music sound quite easily listenable, what is not something common when speaking of harsh black metal.
I must also say that I like those demonic vocals, they’re slightly different to the usual black metal shriek. Polish lyrics in one of the songs, even if hardly understandable, give them also special feeling, so… Yeah, Profanatism did great job again and I am sure that with such a strong material there will be no problem with getting a nice blood pact with one of the UG labels.
Standout tracks: “Dark Essence”, “I Cold”

Final rate: 75/100

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