Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Disrupted - Morbid Death

DISRUPTED - Morbid Death (MEMENTO MORI - CD 2015)
Do you have enough of all those new old fashioned death metal band? No? Great, because here’s another one, which I would love to recommend you and which was crushing the bones and skull of mine since few days, when I was spinning “Morbid Death” countless of times. This is Swedish Disrupted with their debut album! Damn, what a nice release from Memento Mori, in my opinion. I’ve enjoyed it a lot and must say it’s one of the best debuts of the year. And before you start moaning and complaining that bands like Disrupted don’t bring anything new, are boring, because all they do is re-playing the music of old bands and that even today there are many bands, which play similar stuff… I don’t care. I don’t care!!!! Aaarggghh! Why would I, if I like this music so fuckin a lot?? For me all these things like originality or whatever are not important and what counts is the powerful energy that comes from music, killer riffs / songs, etc. And all that I can find on “Morbid Death”! So, fuck moaners, stop crying and go and eat your own crap. I am playing here Disrupted and I love it.
I suppose that the picture of BOSS HM-2 pedal on the booklet says a lot about the influences and music, which Disrupted brings. Yes, they’re Swedish and they play their traditional music, which is death metal! Yes, they sound close to bands like Dismember, Demonical, Abba, Facebreaker, Grave, Entrails, Bloodbath, Roxette and so on. Hahahaha! Fuckin kidding! But they do have the guts to play this style properly, they did come up with some killer and memorable riffs, the songs are just fantastic and basically Disrupted sticks to the winning formula, not bothering about some experiments or whatever, but just do it all in the classic way. This kind of death metal is all about horror, dark and obscure atmosphere, about crushing riffs, some melodies and pure aggression. The production is also excellent, songs like “Rotten”, “Funeral Creep”, “Psalm for the Slaughtered” or “Christian Death” are just memorable and killer and well... I have nothing more to say about Disrupted. This album doesn’t require long reviews, which would write about each song in details, etc. It’s short death metal attack in the classic Swedish vein and that should be enough. I absolutely recommend it.
Standout tracks: “Rotten”, “Funeral Creep”, “Psalm for the Slaughtered”, “Christian Death”
Final rate: 85/100

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