Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Mindful Of Pripyat - …And Deeper, I Drown In Doom…

MINDFUL OF PRIPYAT - …And Deeper, I Drown In Doom… (BIZARRE LEPROUS - CD 2015)
If I can be honest with you, I got into this band only for one reason and that is the fact it features Giulia, a’ka Doomed Warrior on guitar. I love her work from another band, Into Darkness, which she formed some years ago. Into Darkness quickly became one of my favourite new, old styled death metal bands, because they sound a lot like my perfect, complete death metal band. I mean the music is always obscure, dark, sick and it’s so damn heavy and doomy that every time I listen to some music of Into Darkness, I can literally see the walls crackling. So, if Giulia is participating in new band, I am into it! And this band is called Mindful Of Pripyat. I know, quite an unusual name, but it’s taken from the Ukrainian city called Pripyat, which is an abandoned city close to Chernobyl. This is a ghost city (about 50000 people lived there before the disaster), I’ve never been there, but the pictures of it – of all those deserted schools, buildings, the Ferris wheel, etc – look just damn scary. You know, this is your “Silent Hill” town in real haha! So, quite cool choice for the band name, right?
Now, as for the music, Mindful Of Pripyat presents us their debut EP “…And Deeper, I Drown In Doom…”. And the title, especially if we know Into Darkness, can be misleading with that “doom” word in it haha. As no trace of doom can be found here! It’s actually the fuckin opposite, and the music blasts like damn crazy in the good old fashioned grind core / death metal style! Ha, what a surprise. And so, what we get are 16 tracks closed in slightly over 20 minutes! Ha, classic grind, with short, totally in your face, straight forward, fast and brutal songs. It’s nothing particularly surprising nor original, but damn awesome and cool for sure. I do enjoy this album a lot, I mean it just erupts with nuclear energy and power, it’s really damn strong and powerful. I like the sound, the riffs, vocals… and I am sure that if you’re into classic stuff like Terrorizer, Lock Up, Rotten Sound, Nasum, maybe even Napalm Death, then you’ll also dig this band a lot. Mindful Of Pripyat doesn’t complex anything; their formula for the music is rather simple and they never really try to step in with something different, what would be a problem if it created a longer, one dimensional album. Luckily, this is just 20 minutes of music, so you don’t really bother. Maybe it also cause that feeling of songs coming one ear in, another ear out and you don’t really recognize many standout tracks or even fragments, but I suppose that the unstoppable energy and brutality of this music makes up for it. I enjoyed “…And Deeper, I Drown In Doom…” a lot, so all I can do now is to recommend this CD to you all. It was released on Bizarre Leprous Productions, limited to 500 copies. So, put your gas masks on and blast it!
Standout tracks: don’t know yet

Final rate: 75/100

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