Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Under the Church - Under the Church

Under the Church demo from 2013 was for me personally one of the most awesome and shredding death metal demo tapes I’ve heard in a long time. And I say this not because the band features couple of ex-Nirvana 2002 members (Lars Henriksson and Erik Qvick), although it is very significant, but because I just loved the music. This demo, with its three superb songs and harsh production, just sounded like something what was actually recorded back in 1991 and then was just lost in time, until someone exhumed it in the old, rotten crypt, obviously under the fuckin church. Oh, I am very glad to own that cassette (signed by Erik, ha – cheers, mate!), but at the same time I was really looking forward to hear some more stuff from the band. And that finally came with the release of their self titled mini album. It came out on CD (on Pulverized) and then Blood Harvest released it on 10” vinyl (on three colours: white, black and red!). And trust me, you have no other choice, but to grab a copy for yourself, as it is just a brilliant piece of old school death metal filth!
“Under the Church” contains seven tracks, including all three songs from the demo (which were re-recorded obviously). In total we get 21 minutes of the classic Svensk Döds Metall; one which I am sure that fans of the legendary bands like Entombed, Dismember, Carnage, Nirvana 2002, as well as newer stuff like Death Breath and Repugnant, will build the altar and worship! I do! I suppose that mentioning those bands may be enough to imagine what Under the Church music is like; the band has that classic sound, with great buzzsaw, low guitars and Boss HM-2 pedal, they do shred with some killer, aggressive, sometimes slightly crusty riffs and D-beat and they do also incorporate some more melodic riffs here and there. And yes, the vocals Mik Annetts do sound a lot of an early LG Petrov haha! And you know what? I don’t care at all if the music sounds like cover band or however you want to accuse Under the Church. If you want to be so stupid and accuse them for copying the old death metal bands, why would I give a shit? For me, what counts the most, is how fantastic Under the Church music is, how great it sounds, that it really shreds to pieces and has a gruesome, horror aura all the way through. The band composed some killer songs and in my opinion they’re the best reincarnation of the old style, after Death Breath and Repugnant, which I’ve mentioned above. Don’t agree with me, if you want, I am not bothered. Such tracks as “Haunted by Demons” (yes, that main melodic theme is fuckin haunting!), “Macabre Cadaver”, “Back to the Grave” are just a bloody feast… But all songs vomit with that cemetery filth and slime, which I love, so… it’s just fuckin awesome stuff. Very, very recommended and an instant classic in my opinion.
Oh, and check out that killer logo and artwork!
Standout tracks: “Haunted by Demons”, “Macabre Cadaver”, “Back to the Grave”
Final rate: 90/100

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