Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Live Burial - Live Burial

Wow! What’s going on? Tell me! This is another killer old school, traditional to the bone, death metal band and yet another one, which hails from the fuckin UK??!! No, it can’t be real! This country had shit scene for so many years, but now I can count so many awesome bands there that it’s just unreal. Well, but it’s better to have problem with too many quality bands than too few. And for me Live Burial is another real killer debut, which proves that you don’t need to play some utter technical or original, so called sophisticated stuff to actually crush and cause destruction. Live Burial’s archetypical take on this music is what I like the most. This is for me the sound, which I worship. It’s raw, murky, the music creates dark and gloomy aura... it’s rotten, it’s filthy, it’s often doomy, other time it’s faster and almost like some classic death / thrash… and yeah, the riffs are excellent and memorable, the vocals are sick and harsh (kind of mix between John Tardy, Martin van Drunen and early Marc Grewe)… So, all what I like is here!!! I could compare this music to such cult heroes as Asphyx, Morgoth, Death, Obituary, old Pestilence, Pentacle, Cancer and so on. And these are really fantastic songs. I am really not bothered if this band is so unoriginal and repetitive. It’s the feeling, passion and enthusiasm what matters. Each track is great, personally I like those slower, more doomy pieces like “Live Burial”, but Live Burial music is more diverse, so there are fast, slow or mid paced, groovy parts, and more so, there’re quite many Asphyx-like sorrowful, monumental melodies, which are just infectious. The music evokes dark, eerie atmosphere and is really great to listen to, so if you only worship the bands I mentioned above, but Asphyx especially, then this is just a must have for you. Great band, in my opinion, awesome demo… Yeah, I am waiting for more stuff from Live Burial now!
Standout tracks: “Live Burial”, “Begging for Cremation”

Final rate: 80/100

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