Friday, 28 August 2015

Nidsang - Streams of Darkness

NIDSANG - Streams of Darkness (DRAKKAR - 7"EP 2008)
This 7” single was a blind buy, to be honest, I’ve not heard of Nidsang before, but it was dead cheap and released on Drakkar Records, so I told myself “why not?!”. “Streams of Darkness” was released already few years ago, in 2008, right after the band released the debut full length “The Mark of Death” – which I also need to get asap. And well, I must say this is some excellent Swedish black metal. I actually did not expect to hear anything that good, so the bigger is surprise and satisfaction to have this EP.
To be honest with you, I would rather skip all those comparisons to Watain or Marduk, which I am sure that appear in every review of Nidsang. I also hate calling such music “religious black metal”, because it doesn’t have any meaning for me. So, scratch that and let’s just say that Nidsang plays dark, aggressive and ferocious black metal and both songs from this EP make a great impression on me. It’s nothing innovative, nothing groundbreaking, but very solid and surely powerful stuff. I like the atmosphere of Nidsang music, I like the production, riffs and vocals, so basically everything about this EP is great. The music is fast, really relentless and obscure, it rages and spreads the darkness and hatred… And having that straight forward and uncompromising attitude, they still have time to include also some slower bits, guitar leads, not so much melody maybe, but it’s still quite diverse and well composed stuff, with great arrangements and sort of more demanding structures, as a lot is going on in each of these two songs. Which both are really damn great, in my opinion and now I know that I need to grab copies of both full length albums of Nidsang also. Which I shall do ASAP, no matter the costs. Great band, even if quite unknown.

Final rate: 75/100

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