Thursday, 20 August 2015

Ligfaerd - Promo MMXIV

I almost forgot to have this cassette. But damn, I must say that I am really glad to have it, as it’s limited just to 30 copies and was never available for sale, only given away to some people. This tape contains three songs of Ligfaerd from the pre-production demo recordings for their upcoming new album “Dagen for Os - Natten for Eder”, so it’s quite unique and fresh material. And damn, I did like it a lot.
This cassette brings just three songs (“Pa et Leje af Gloder”, “Opslugt at Djævelens Malstrom” and “Pa den Yderste dag”) and all I can say is that Ligfaerd is seriously killer black metal band, playing in the traditional Scandinavian style, reminding me mostly the good, old Darkthrone from the “Panzerfaust” / “Transilvanian Hunger” era. These songs have all elements, which were making Darkthrone sound so bloody dark, evil and obscure, and you know, Ligfaerd is just doing things really damn well. They have quite few fast parts, but also those killer slower bits, which originate not only in Darkthrone, but more so, in the classic Celtic Frost / Hellhammer. I almost feel like Ligfaerd music was more and more influenced by these three classic bands. Surely it sounds quite different to what we heard on the Pustulation split and I am glad about it, as I like this music from “Promo MMXIV” way more. And I am sure that “Dagen for Os - Natten for Eder” will be a killer album. Can’t wait to hear it!

Final rate: 80/100

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