Friday, 31 July 2015

Disloyal - Godless

Oh yeah! This is another time, when I got fully convinced that the Polish death metal belongs to the best in the whole fuckin world, especially when talking about more brutal, technical and fast death metal! In the past few days I blown away by some new records, such as Sphere – “Mindless Mass” and Incarnal – “Hexenhammer” and they were simply fantastic. I enjoyed them a lot and surely recommend them to all death metal maniacs. There’s also still quite fresh Embrional record, which is just excellent and new Ogotay CD is also coming soon, which I am sure will also be a blast! But in the meantime here’s another fantastic, crushing record: “Godless” by Disloyal! Yeah, another really good piece of death metal, another really recommended album, another Polish band to add to your “need to check out” list. Personally I’m a little frustrated by the fact that “Godless” is already a fourth album from Disloyal and I’ve never heard any of their previous releases. There’s just too much shit around, too many bands, too many albums to keep yourself updated on everything, so once a while I discover a band, which have already two or three releases and I got introduced to them only with the last one. Which would not be a problem, if the band was shit… I would not give a shit. But Disloyal is bloody good, so it’s a fuckin thorn in my ass not to have any of their previous albums. Something I need to fix one day... In the meantime, let’s play “Godless” again!
What a killer album it is. I’ve really enjoyed it a lot and in my opinion it definitely is one of the strongest death metal releases from Poland of the recent years. It just sounds so bloody good, very mature, almost perfect that I can’t say enough good things about it. Definitely one of the most striking things about “Godless” is the diversity of this album. Definitely this is not your mediocre one dimensional death metal stuff, which would focus on the brutality only. Sure, “Godless” has a strong powerful and aggressive, technical death metal background and there’re quite few songs, which shall break your neck with the massive wall of crushing riffs and dense, technical drumming. Some parts are also quite technical, there are some broken rhythms, sudden tempo changes, but I am glad that the band didn’t exceed with all that technical aspect and their music is still pretty easily listenable, especially when compared to some other modern death metal albums. And it’s also nice straight forward music. More so, there are quite few memorable fragments, with the so called groove or whatever you call it, so… Yeah, definitely Disloyal is a mature band; they’re very precise in their musical mass killing and as a result, “Godless” is a fantastic album. I am very pleased to have a chance to listen to it and definitely recommend it a lot.
I suppose that “Self-carving Titan” is the most surprising song on the album. Not only it is the least brutal and most memorable, but also it just sounds a LOT like Gojira. It’s almost on the verge of plagiarism haha, if you take not only the main riff, but also the way vocals have been performed. I really like Gojira music a lot, so I’ve noticed this resemblance straight away. And well, maybe it sounds like a cover (haha), but I do admit that this song really caught my attention and I liked it immediately. It just has that great, sort of mechanical feeling, which is so different to the rest of the album, but is so catchy at the same time that it’s impossible to resist it. And I don’t even try to. Great song, despite the strong resemblance! But you know, one can compare Disloyal also to other bands – but you should always treat those comparisons as a compliment, because in the end “Godless” is simply high quality death metal. So, such “New Enemy Rising” begins with Vader style riff, to turn into total Morbid Angel “Domination” era playing. I like that slow fragment especially, it’s just damn crushing and powerful! One can also probably mention such Hate Eternal, Mithras or Immolation… so, the whole bunch of the best death metal bands one can imagine! Listen to also such “Mechanism of Deceit” and “On the Ashes of the World” with some truly killer riffs and a lot of twisted, brutal arrangements. The latter also has some clean vocals, which sound just fuckin brilliant, in my opinion, and add something unique to the whole song! One should also note some sick, twisted guitar solos a’la Trey Azagthoth, but also some more melodic accents like the one in “Give Place unto Wrath” – what sounds great in between the crushing blasts! This song is actually one of the best proves for how intense, but also diverse is Disloyal’s music. So much is going on here that someone would share these ideas between three other bands, easily! It shows also that the band can be able to achieve a lot also in their future recordings, so I can only wish them to get a good support and recognition and that “Godless” won’t disappear in the sea of other death metal releases. Recommended.
Standout tracks: “New Enemy Rising”, “Self-carving Titan”, “On the Ashes of the World”

Final rate: 75/100

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