Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Krypts - Krypts

KRYPTS - Krypts (DETEST Records - 7"EP 2011)
I don’t know how is that possible, but I think that I really liked ALL stuff, which Detest Records released in the short life of this label. They discovered some truly awesome, young bands, which were playing old style death metal and damn… they never got it wrong. I loved the whole attitude of this label also and focus on releasing 12” and 7” vinyls only, no CDs! Today they’re all great collectable items and I have quite few of them ha! And Krypts self titled 7”EP is among my real favourites. Damn, what a perfect death metal this is! And it’s weird, but I actually love this single more than the full length album, which those Fins have released couple of years later. I mean, “Unending Degradation” is solid and very good, but musically both songs from this EP are like perfect for me and I would listen to them all the fuckin day long, if it wasn’t for the fact that my vinyl player has no auto-repeat. So, it makes quite difficult for lazy boy like I am to get up every time the song is finished and play it all over again. Ha, anyway I love 7” format and love “Krypts” EP.
Two songs are here, one on each side. Music of Krypts can be described as some utter dark and gloomy death metal, which combines Finnish and Swedish styles, but is played in slow tempo only, with that strong melodic accent on the lead guitar… what gives an awesome doomy death in the most perfect vein. You can probably hear even some old Paradise Lost or Decomposed in this music, but generally think also of such Eternal Darkness from Sweden and you will know what is Krypts like on this EP. And they nailed this music perfectly. Both tracks are equally fantastic, both create this obscure, gloomy, horror atmosphere... Songs are quite lengthy, closed in 6 minutes and pretty much focused on that heavy, massive playing. In “Putrified into Nothingness” the vocals appear so late that you would think it’s almost an instrumental track, but it slowly sets up the mood, brings some killer riffs and harmonies and crushes you before going even more brutal, heavier and slightly faster, when the vocals appear. And even though it is nothing what you have not heard before, Krypts does everything just right and I surely have nothing to moan, even the murky, raw production fits here perfectly. Definitely a great release, absolutely worthy to collect, so if you find a copy, do not hesitate. It was limited to 700 copies, by the way.

Final rate: 85/100

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