Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Ghastly - A Morbid Demo...

GHASTLY - A Morbid Demo... (Self financed demo CDR 2004)
Yesterday I've been searching for some old promos that I keep stored in a shoe boxes (yes, serious haha!) and I also found a pretty cool demo CDR, which I completely forgot even existed. This is "A Morbid Demo..." from Australian band called Ghastly. They were pretty shortly lived band, which existed between 2003 and 2006, and "A Morbid Demo..." was released in 2004 (followed by one more demo "A Morbid Ritual" in 2005). Since it's been probably more than 12-13 years since I have listened to Ghastly for the last time, I decided to give it a go... Luckily the old CDR still plays smoothly and more so, the music turned out to be pretty fuckin cool. It was nice to remind myself about this band! 
"A Morbid Demo..." contains four anthems of old school metal. These guys melt into their style influences from traditional heavy metal (Well, all in all they have done a brilliant speeded up cover of Running Wild's "Black Demon" from killer "Gates to Purgatory" album), thrash and speed metal (Sodom) and obviously the old school black metal of Venom, Bathory, Tormentor or so on. So yeah, it's very traditional, raw and nasty sounding stuff, with that evil and obscure feeling, which characterized the old recordings. And damn, I have to say it's been pure pleasure to listen to Ghastly. I know that this demo is nothing innovative or exceptional, but it's just so much fun to listen to such stuff. You just grab a beer (or five haha), play it loud, scream and band the bloody skull like the real heavy metal maniac does. Cliche? Maybe, but it's a wonderful heavy metal clich√©. 
So, it's a shame Ghastly split up so soon. Although its members play now in band called Demons Gate. But I want to grab Ghastly second demo, hopefully I will manage one day! 
Final rate: 70/100

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