Monday, 20 July 2015

Jarnvidr - Närwarelse

JARNVIDR - Närwarelse (FALLEN TEMPLE - CD 2015)
Haha, do you know what was my first reaction when I got this CD? It was “do you seriously want me to review another Jarnvidr album, after I smashed the previous one “Landzplågor” and simply did not like anything about this project at all”? Did you seriously think I want to go back to this lousy band and listen to another utter crap like the one before? Looks like you do and you want to waste my time again, so here we go! Jarnvidr released new CD, again on Fallen Temple, called “Närwarelse” and I started to play it yesterday evening, with no real hope to hear anything interesting. I was actually prepared to give it one or two quick listens and then write a quick, negative review and then move forward to something more interesting. Ha, the more surprised I was when “Närwarelse” started to catch my attention. As it turned out, this time Jarnvidr managed to put out a decent record! Fuck, am I seriously writing this? Yeah, I did not expect that to happen, but really “Närwarelse” is quite decent and solid black metal effort and I actually enjoy it. Did not expect this ever to happen.
Speaking of “Landzplågor”, there was nothing what would really catch my attention on this album. It was boring and unskilled primitive black metal, with no good riffs, no good atmosphere or anything decent and I don’t think I will go back to it soon. At first glance, “Närwarelse” is not much different, because Jarnvidr is still very much the same. It didn’t evolve into something more sophisticated or fancy, it still holds to the classic Norwegian influences of utterly raw, cold and grim black metal, with the simple, not to say primitive playing, dressed in obscure, harsh production and that “Fuck off” attitude. You know it so damn well… There were hundreds of bands, which played this style, and basically Jarnvidr is rather typical and their music is quite predictable. But somehow I feel like something has clicked here better than on the previous album and this time I do like some of the tracks. There are several really good riffs, good arrangements and generally the performance seems to have improved when comparing both albums. A lot of that music is quite one dimensional, with similar patterns on the guitars, drums and vocals, especially when Jarnvidr speeds up, but I like the slower bits the most, like the opening instrumental piece “Dit dö människor från Hel” or “Gudaoffer” – all in the good old black metal primitive vein. Nothing spectacular, but just decent and listenable slab. “En jordfästning i all sin ensamhet” is another worthy track here and so is “Djäfvulens försåt och list”… So, unlike the previous album, this time Jarnvidr did leave a better impression, so I can say it wasn’t a wasted time to listen to their album. Miracles do happen.
Standout tracks: “Gudaoffer”, “En jordfästning i all sin ensamhet”, “Djäfvulens försåt och list”

Final rate: 69/100

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  1. Interesting review. I think that this recording is harder to get a grip on than Landzplågor thanks to the even more primitive production, Landzplågor got a really good production in my opinion. All instruments can clearly be heard and everything are mixed quite well. If i had to choose between these to records i would without a doubt chosen Landzplågor.
    I can also advise you to get the split, GØTHALANDOM with Panphage. Three different composers from Jarnvidr have been involved this time so i think you should find something interesting in that release. We also did a track in colloboration with Panphage.
    One more thing. You have the right to express your own opinions and write whatever you want about us, but i cant agree with the "Norwegian influences" since none of us listen to Norwegian black metal, except a few bands like Mare. Bands that we actually have take some influences from are Marduk, Satanic warmaster and Judas Iscariot, among others.
    Jarnvidr Crew