Friday, 17 July 2015

Indignity - Decrepitude

INDIGNITY - Decrepitude (Demo 2015)
Indignity is a new Polish death metal band, formed recently in 2014 and now debuting with the first demo “Decrepitude”. Boring, I know, but there’s just not much I can even say about Indignity, so short is their history. But I can point out the fact that they play really damn cool brutal death metal. And this demo is truly a good start for them. Only three songs are here, but each is impressive and each caught my attention with some excellent riffs, arrangements and generally with solid death metal. Indignity is somewhere on the verge between the old styled and more modern kind of brutal death metal, in the vein of the likes of Suffocation, Aeon and Malevolent Creation. They have the proper skills to perform this music, they had enough ideas for every song here, so there are some awesome riffs, good vocals… It’s quite technical, but still easy to listen to, there’s also some sort of groove in these songs… So, damn, I really enjoyed them. I also like the diversity of this music, as Indignity has some blasting parts here and there, but “Skull Trepanation” will surely impress with some slower bits and this damn melodic guitar lead. So, definitely a name to check in the future, “Decrepitude” is a solid start for them and it can only get better and better from now on.
Standout track: “Skull Trepanation”

Final rate: 70/100

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