Monday, 20 July 2015

Stench of Decay - Visions Beyond Death

STENCH OF DECAY - Visions Beyond Death (DETEST Records - 7"EP 2011)
I was just spinning this killer 7”EP from the Finnish combo Stench of Decay (“Visions Beyond Death” was released in May 2011, by the now defunct, but unforgettable Detest Records). And I started to wonder what the hell is going on with those guys?? Are they still active? Or they’re not, as they haven’t released anything new since this single came out?! All other bands which started at the same time, including the whole old Detest roster, managed to release full length albums; Krypts, Necrowretch, Ataraxy, Miasmal, Morbus Chron, Swallowed, Entrapment… They all are a step of two forward, while Stench of Decay is still in the same place they were, when Detest was unleashing this EP and soon closed down. Ha, I even checked Stench of Decay’s Facebook page and I know they play some gigs and in 2013 they wrote they’re working on the album… Damn, that must be a damn slow and hard going process (ha, the same I must say about another Finnish band, Cryptborn!). So, in the meantime, before Stench of Decay hits us finally with the record, let’s play “Visions Beyond Death” and remind how awesome this band was / and hopefully still is!
So, “Visions Beyond Death” is 7”EP single. Two tracks, one on each side and you can expect a total classic death metal sound and attitude. Stench of Decay are an awesome band, really, and even if their music is nothing really spectacular or original, it kicks ass anyway and personally I just love it. Why would I be bothered whether this is the most sophisticated band in the world or not, if I get such crushing and utterly massive, head splitting riffs like those in the title song for instance? Damn, this is just pure death metal feast, in the old, classic style, very much similar to the Finnish classic records like “Children of the Scorn” and “Slumber of Sullen Eyes”, not to forgetting about “Vulgar Necrolatry” demo. It’s the same atmosphere of the music and similar combination of slow paced, heavy riff and small dose of melody. And this old recipe always works great, if the riffs are killer, the production is as it should be and the general attitude of the band is “no joke and no trendy”, but serious and honest. And this is exactly what I find on “Visions Beyond Death”. Already Stench of Decay’s demo “Where Death and Decay Reign” was super awesome, but this 7”EP is even better. It’s already a classic single, so are many other Detest Records releases, so if you ever find a copy somewhere, do not hesitate to buy it, even if it may be quite expensive. It’s worth it!

Final rate: 85/100

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