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Deus Otiosus - Sis Mortuus Mondo

DEUS OTIOSUS - Sis Mortuus Mondo (GODEATER - CD 2015)
I’ve never been much into the music of Deus Otiosus and to be honest, so far this band has not been able to impress me as much as some other old styled death metal bands have. Not that I consider this Danish band as weak and worthless – would never go that far – but I just didn’t like the stuff, which I’ve heard so far. I have somewhere their early albums (“Murderer” and “Godless”) and they’re fine and solid, but that’s all I can say about them. Musically they were just not as powerful and head crushing as so many other albums, which were released in recent years. So, while I enjoyed a lot of death metal and come back to some bands and albums frequently, with Deus Otiosus it’s the opposite – I gave them some listens and since then their albums gather dust. I don’t even plan on buying their newest full length (“Rise”) and I would probably also not bother myself with “Sis Mortuus Mondo”, if I didn’t receive it from Godeater Records for a review. So, whether I wanted it or not, I played this CD several times today… And sorry, but I won’t change my opinion on this band. I still don’t like their style.
This new CD “Sis Mortuus Mondo” is an EP and it contains a couple of newly recorded songs plus the entire “Murderer” album as a bonus (since the first press CD has been sold out already). So, I guess I should focus on these new tracks mainly, as they’re the newest recordings of Deus Otiosus… And well, if I hoped to hear something better than previously then I am disappointed, as I think these two new songs are again barely mediocre. The thing is, Deus Otiosus mixes their death metal with some thrash, but is not able to really bring killer riffage and powerful energy, which would catch my attention and blow my face off! I really feel almost bored with their music and not only I can’t sense any improvement, but I even like “Murderer” album more than those two new tracks. Seriously, I can pick up two – three old songs from the debut and they’re just far better than these new tracks.
And I can’t even explain exactly what is my main problem with this band. I mean, for sure their music lacks more aggression, it has only very few truly powerful parts, plus I wish the atmosphere was more obscure and darker… Maybe if the music was slightly faster, then it would be more striking. Mainly Deus Otious plays mid paced or slow songs and when listening to the longer materials I always feel also the lack of diversity. On “Murderer” it seems like (except two - three exceptions) there’s the same, simple umpa-umpa rhythm, the same style of riffs, which I am not so fond of and mediocre sounding vocals. It doesn’t sound terrible, but it’s just far from being killer. From the two new songs, surprisingly I like the slower one more, probably because “Seperatio Leprosorum” sounds just heavier and has some better riffs. But both are not spectacular anyway. “Murderer” album has some strong moments, like the first song “I Have Seen Him Slay”, so it’s not completely derived of goodness. My real favourite from the whole album is definitely “No Life” as it just seems to be the most aggressive and energetic tune, which almost makes me bang my skull... and that’s good haha! It’s faster, really cool and I would just hope to hear more songs in this vein. And more so, there’s this short fragment with keyboards that just screams Morbid Angel haha! I also like “Ash World”, as it’s nice, heavy shit. It’s also the slowest song here, but just so damn memorable.
So, these three are definitely my favourites tracks… And as for the rest... Well, they come in one ear and out the other. I just know that Deus Otious will never be among my favourite bands. And more so, it’s just not good if their two new songs are not matching even the mediocre quality of the debut album. Forgettable it is then.
Standout track: “No Life”, “Ash World”

Final rate: 60/100

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