Thursday, 23 July 2015

Wolfshead - Caput Lupinum

WOLFSHEAD - Caput Lupinum (GODEATER - CD 2015)
Although I enjoyed pretty much everything what Godeater has released so far (at least those CDs, which I have heard haha!), for this one I was more than sceptical. First off, the artwork is just… bllaaaarrghhh haha! It reminds me some shitty melodic black metal bands, who sing about witches ha! Secondly, it all just looks so damn cheesy. I had no idea what Wolfshead really can be like, as I never heard of this band before, but I was just very sceptical. And yeah, it turns out I was quite right and I can’t say that I feel really impressed with their music.
I don’t really listen to such stuff often. Wolfshead performs traditional heavy / doom metal, highly influenced by the likes of Grand Magus or Candlemass, also a bit of The Gates of Slumber, Wolf, Twisted Tower Dire, even early Maiden… I like such music, even if I don’t play these bands every day. And you know, Wolfshead is fine, it’s solid heavy metal band, with some cool songs, some great riffs – like I love that opening theme for “A Shadow in the Rain (London 1888)”, which is all fuckin Candlemass slow doom heavy piece, which is just brilliant! Sadly later this song turns into some semi-ballad stuff, which I just don’t like at all. So, there are some cool moments, but also some, which are just nothing special. Also, the vocalist could have done better here and there (hey, he reminds me Ville Laihiala from Sentenced a lot in some parts, like in the mentioned “A Shadow in the Rain (London 1888)”!). Generally I think that “Caput Lupinum” is fairly listenable, but quality wise it’s still just miles away from the bands I mentioned above. It’s a decent recording and always something different from all those death or black stuff that I usually get and listen to, but it just could have been better. And you know, if I wanna play some heavy / doom, then Candlemass and Grand Magus will always be my number one choices.

Final rate: 55/100 

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