Thursday, 23 July 2015

Bodybag - Predominance of Insanity

BODYBAG - Predominance of Insanity (UNHOLY PROPHECIES - CD 2015)
So far I knew only band called Body Bag, which is (or was, as they split up ages ago) from USA and did three demos, including “Severed Existence” demo in 1992. There were also some other Body Bags, but this time I will write about a newly created project of some Spaniards, who are / or were / active also in some other bands. Of all these bands I only know Machetazo, so it’s nothing really important. What matters is that their band Bodybag has just recorded a debut EP “Predominance of Insanity” and this is just fuckin sweet stuff. LP was released by Living Dead Society and CD is on Unholy Prophecies, there’s also a tape edition available, so get whichever version you want asap, as this is just killer stuff!
Bodybag may be considered as another project, which wants to jump of the old school death metal trend, but that would be quite an unfair towards these guys. Firstly, because they’re not some damn kids and secondly because their music is not necessarily the same stuff, which other 99% of new old school death acts have to offer. Bodybag went for slightly different influences and spat forth a nasty and filthy grinding death slab, which I can compare with all honesty to such legends as Terrorizer, early Carcass, Repulsion, Autopsy and Napalm Death. There are two things I like about “Predominance of Insanity” the most. I’ve not heard a band playing like this in quite a time and it’s just such a killer, sick, intense stuff! And this EP really sounds like stuff, which was exhumed from the old grave and the feeling is exactly the same like when playing “World Downfall”!! Except the fact that production wise “Predominance of Insanity” is clearly a product of XXI Century. The sound is obviously quite rough and brutal, but also so damn powerful and energetic that when you play this CD you can see the walls cracking. But you must play it loud, you know?
Generally we have here eight tracks, closed in 22 minutes. It is rather typical for such bands, to have shorter, but totally straight forward songs. And you know, the tempo is mainly fast, occasionally mid paced, so you can imagine how bloody intense and brutal this music is. I love it!!! Bodybag have some killer riffs, the vocals are awesome, good arrangements, even if the music is not complex or technical, but old school simple... but how brilliantly it works, man! It’s like someone dropped eight bombs, one after another and watched them exploding and turning everything into ruin. Sweet! “Introduction / Into the Bodybag” is the best killer here, but to be honest, all songs are of the same quality and bring destruction in the same, effective way. “Digging My Abyss” is another recommendable piece here. And you have also such “Ecstasy of Flesh” and tell me, if you’re fan of these old crews I mentioned above that this song doesn’t make you cry in happiness! It’s blasting and grinding like crazy fuck!
So, these was some exciting time spent with the Spanish Bodybag and damn, I could only wish to hear more such killer tunes from them in the future. I don’t listen to grind often, but when I do, then it’s that kind of sound, which Bodybag offers. Which is old school stuff, not the fuckin pigs and ultra extremity beyond recognition. Definitely, it’s one of the best debuts of this year so far.
Standout tracks: “Introduction / Into the Bodybag”, “Digging My Abyss”

Final rate: 80/100

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