Thursday, 30 April 2015

Slaughter Messiah - Putrid Invocation

SLAUGHTER MESSIAH - Putrid Invocation (GOAT KULT - 12"EP 2014)
This is the newest release from Belgian tormentors, Slaughter Messiah and it’s a 12”EP titled “Putrid Invocation”, released on Goat Kult Symphonies. Some may dispute a point of releasing 13 minutes of music on 12” as it would easily fit a 7” format, but who cares. I think that 12” size is the best, especially when we have such an awesome artwork as the one on “Putrid Invocation” (by killer artist Mark Riddick!). Besides, it reminds me some of my old 12” singles, like Entombed’s “Crawl”, not to mention dozens of Iron Maiden 12” singles. So, great decision for releasing this music as it is.
Now, as for the content of this EP, I already described my enthusiasm and support for Slaughter Messiah music few times. “Putrid Invocation” confirms that it’s a killer band and more so, this is actually their best recording so far, in my opinion. Side A begins with “Swamp of Torment” and fuckin hell, for me this is the best Slaughter Messiah song so far. It’s quite different to most of the other songs from this band, as it’s not as harsh and furiously aggressive as songs from “Black Speed Terror” EP for instance, although such riffs / fragments are here also… but this song is surprisingly melodic, for example the opening theme sounds a lot like classic Swedish death metal! Of corpse later on Slaughter Messiah brings their usual weapons, which are thrashing black metal riffs, violent and relentless, with the characteristic harsh vocals of Sabathan… Anyways, the song is quite memorable and definitely it is my favourite track from this band so far! And when listening to it, it’s also noticeable how much better is the production of “Putrid Invocation”, when compared to the previous EP especially. And I like that change. Don’t get me wrong, “Black Speed Terror” was fine and solid effort, but maybe sound wise it could have been better, more powerful and straight to the guts, less chaotic and obscure… and “Putrid Invocation” is exactly like I like it! The production is cleaner, but still very aggressive and powerful as hell, keeping the morbid aura intact. Awesome! And it’s also why all songs sound so just better.
Yeah, basically the whole content sounds killer. I mentioned “Swamp of Torment”, but “Hills County Witch Trial” (with its more old school, thrash / black metal riffing) and “Consecration” (which is more like a classic black metal song) have no bad moments, this is just brilliant, neckbreaking stuff. So, I recommend “Putrid Invocation” totally. Furious, merciless thrash / black / death metal, the old school way. Fantastic.
Standout track: “Swamp of Terror”

Final rate: 90/100

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