Saturday, 4 April 2015

Avitum - MMXIV

AVITUM - MMXIV (ATAVISM Records - MC 2014)
I already introduced you Atavism Records and their releases several times (with bands like Helegion, Nefastt, Rein, Dumno)… This is quite special label, I think, as it releases black metal bands from one certain region of France, Bourgogne. So, now you know that this region is not only about pinot noirs, but also about black metal haha! Oh, another very characteristic thing about Atavism is that it only releases tapes! Anyways, here’s another cassette, from band called Avitum. This is I think newly formed project, but I think it summarizes the idea behind Atavism perfectly, not only from the musical point of view, but also ideologically, as it’s a lot into the local patriotism and… well, let’s not be afraid to use this word, but also into nationalism (which doesn’t always have to mean something negative). “MMXIV” is the debut cassette, with three songs.
Hmm, I must say that when I listen to Avitum, their music reminds me some Canadian black metal bands from Quebec, who also have this strong bond to the region they’re from, also sing in French and basically perform similar harsh, primeval black metal. I’m talking about bands like Forteresse, Csejthe or Monarque, which I am sure many of you know. And I guess it should be enough to describe the music from “MMXIV”… Harsh, cold, mostly fast paced black metal, with raw obscure production and grim, hateful atmosphere. Avitum is not bad at all, I like this tape, I like the atmosphere the band creates, some riffs here or arrangements are simply awesome, especially “La Race du Grand Remplacement” stayed in my memory. Such music is very traditional, this is how black metal was really sounding back in the early 90’s, on some classic demos or albums, so I am glad that there are still bands, which play such music without the useless modern sound or other crap. So, another really fine release from Atavism. Again it is strictly limited to 100 copies, but I recommend it strongly.

Final rate: 75/100

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