Thursday, 30 April 2015

Disgorge - Necrholocaust

DISGORGE - Necrholocaust (XTREEM Music - CD 2003)
Mexicans from Disgorge definitely belong to my favourite brutal death / grind bands! Not that I am a big expert of these most brutal of sounds known to mankind, as I am not, but here I can say that not only I like them more than the US Disgorge, but also for sure their music speaks to me more than what I can usually hear from the majority of similar bands. And the reason is that I think too many brutal death bands play it with no ideas, sound the same and generally puts the brutality over a common sense of good riffing and decent production values. This music easily turns into some pointless silliness. Which is not the case with these Mexicans as they do blast like crazy and perform the torture of guts ripping and head splitting for all eight tracks in great way. And the sound is also damn awesome, so in the end Disgorge do create a proper sick, gory atmosphere with great results.
“Necrholocaust” is maybe nothing spectacular or original in the field of brutal death metal, but Disgorge do know how to shred. I like these songs, filled with some awesome riffs, which not necessarily are always fast, as there are also some killer, slower parts, which crush with the massive sound. But sure, the main weapon of Disgorge is the brutally blasting, merciless and violent death metal. What’s so awesome about it is that Disgorge have more diversity in their music than most of similar bands, not only tempo wise, but also the riffing, which in few places can even be called “melodic” (yes! Just listen to “Raise the Pestilence”, somewhere in the mid part), etc… Obviously this one melodic bit hides between ultra fast and brutal stuff. But I love also the ending part of this song, as it’s slow and heavy like classic Incantation!!! Take also such “Necrholocaust” song, which also has a strong Incantation similarity, in my opinion, and it’s for me the best song here!!! But most importantly, this is truly powerful and crushing, devastating and unstoppable death / grinding metal as a whole. And damn, isn’t Antimo a killer vocalist, who can even put early Chris Burns to shame? What a beast he is (or was, as he’s not in the band anymore… but he plays in many other projects also)! Anyways, take such songs as “Macabre Realms of Inhuman Bestiality”, “Raise the Pestilence” or “Necrholocaust” shall please all maniacs!
The band no more uses such unpronounceable and impossible to memorize song titles like “Stygmatodermuropyanephrosism on Impetiginose Urogenism” from the debut or “Urethrive Decortico-Xanthomatose Muco Gestated Scaffolds” from the second CD, but of course the albums still deals with gore, perversions, deviations and all other macabre things. So, you always must be ready to bath in blood and excrements, when dealing with bands like Disgorge. Fine stuff.
Standout tracks: “Macabre Realms of Inhuman Bestiality”, “Raise the Pestilence”, “Necrholocaust”

Final rate: 70/100

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