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Rotten Music releases review

ROTTEN MUSIC - releases, reviews
Rotten Music is a small label based in London, UK, specializing in brutal forms of death metal and grind core. And I just received several CDs from Chris, the owner of Rotten Music. Let me then introduce you to them all. I am not doing separate reviews for each release, as it would take too much time and besides, I am honestly not a big expert on the music, which some of these bands play, so maybe it’s just better for me to keep the things short and present them in such one, joined article. OK? Let’s go then!
So, I started with the release number one, nicely titled “Gangrenous Mass from Axe & Hook Ejaculation”. Killer title haha! It’s a split release of two Greek death / grind crews, The Anal Treatment XXXperience and Aceptic Goitre. Yes, one of those bands is called The Anal Treatment XXXperience haha! Seriously! Sick bastards haha! I actually expected some ultra fuckin gory and brutal grind core from them, but it turns out it’s more like death / grind… hmm, if there’s any difference haha! The vocals are quite weird, as it’s not the usual deep growl or pig squeal, but more like noisy screaming, ridiculously distorted, almost high pitched. It just drills into your brain (or anus haha), giving an instant headache haha. Anyways, the music is not bad at all… Sure, Anals don’t sound like anything what I usually listen to and to be honest, their music is far from being superb and
memorable, but it’s decent. Some good riffs, the sound is also not so bad…So, I can live with it. And then Aceptic Goitre is more like a neanderthal brutal death / grind sort of band; very simple riffs, very simple song structures, extreme, deep growl, a lot of slamming, fast tempos or mid paced, grinding groove… I used the word “neanderthal”, as this is how such music sounds to me. It’s so damn simple and narrow… you know, for me these songs sound like composed in five minutes, each basically is built on similar riffs and ideas and sounds the same. At the same time the whole sounds simply hilarious sometimes. It’s almost like brainless entertainment, so switch yourself off, grab a cup of piss and listen to it haha! But I like their music more than XXXperience, as it’s just more brutal and heavier. To conclude then: I can’t say I like “Gangrenous Mass from Axe & Hook Ejaculation’”. I can’t also say that I don’t like it. It’s just one of many releases, which you listen to and probably you’ll forget about it in few months, but it’s a decent stuff and some fun for sure. Neither of these two bands deliver something special, they fail to impress me, but I guess that if you like brutal death metal and simply such funny and sick stuff, then you may grab a copy of this split. (55) OK, next up is Polish Vomit Your Brain with a compilation CD that includes their demos “Slaughtered” (2011) and “From Morgue With Love” (2010). I must admit that “Beauty of Morgue” is not bad at all. Yes, it’s brutal death metal, gory and extreme, with meaty, crunchy riffs, soaked in blood and some disgusting body liquids, with deep growls, occasionally turned into piggy squeals. I quite like it, the newer demo, with songs like "Underworld Carnivores", especially sounds nice I think (good production!). It’s really powerful and brutal stuff. Damn, good one, but very short as it’s less that 20 minutes of music! (68) But let’s go further and here’s Aceptic Goitre. Again haha! Here’s their full length album “The Graduation Frenzy” (2014). It doesn’t take much imagination to guess that these are another 30 minutes of brutal, grinding death fuckin extreme gory metal stuff! And my impression is just exactly the same as on the split with Anal XXXperience band… It’s very simple, rough as hell, brutal gory death metal, with a lot of fast, slumming stuff, deep, guttural vocals and standard B class gory horror movies concept. Actually each song is based on a different movie, like “Prom Night” (1980), “Bay of Blood” (1971), “Sleepaway Camp” (1983) or “Pieces” (1982)… And of course also “Graduation Day” from 1981. The whole list of movies is listed in the booklet and connected to each song. Cool idea, if you ask me. My impression on the music is rather positive, I mean it’s not stuff, which I listen to often, but sure… if bands like Disgorge, Cerebral Effusion, Gorgasm or Putridity are your soundtrack when you shave with a razor or eat spaghetti with blood sauce and eye balls, then you’ll like Aceptic Goitre also I think. Personally I quickly get tired with such music, but I do admit that “The Graduation Frenzy” is
quite good, some cool songs are here like “Profondo Rosso”. I definitely like that gory, creepy, brutal atmosphere in their music also. So, slay the prom queen and fuck her cold dead body! (69) And next band is beautifully names Facefuck. Wow, I’ll never get surprised with the names for brutal death metal bands anymore haha. They’re just ridiculous! Just as ridiculous is the music, really. Anyways, Facefuck is from Australia and “Domain of Perverted Pleasures” is their debut CD, played in honour of Mortician and other such bands. Programmed drums, sick vocals, a lot of blasting parts, gory atmosphere and obviously a lot of samples from horror (or porn) movies. Can it get any more repetitive? I don’t know. The music is OK, but at the same time it’s so predictable… How many times we’ve heard it before? And many times in better quality. Luckily, this is just 11 minutes of music, so it’s too short to annoy me totally. Oh, awesome artwork! (55) Demon Vomit is next and it’s another Polish band. I have actually not heard of them before I got this CD titled “Brutal Blasphemy”, but it’s cool to listen to it, as I think it’s one of the best, if not the best release from Rotten Music. And the title of this album says everything about the content: it’s brutal death metal with a strong blasphemous, antichristian lyrical concept (song titles like “Mother of God Broken by Dick”, “Jesus the Shit-Eater Christ” or “Anal Nun” do speak for themselves, even though the lyrics seem to be slightly infantile); so, it’s something quite different from the rest of Rotten Music releases. The music is totally straight forward, relentless death metal, imagine some Deicide, some early Cannibal Corpse and speeded up Incantation for example, brutal, raw, crushing fast and blasphemous to the core. Some awesome songs here, some truly splendid riffs… Maybe the album is slightly too long, so some songs feel quite repetitive, but what the hell… it’s still a nice album and I definitely like it. It’s great that I had a chance to discover this band as before I never even heard their name, so I wonder if they ever even promoted their demos here in Poland? Oh, they also did a video for song titled “Hanging Priest”, check it out! (75) Next up is a split CD with five bands on it… and none of their names tell me anything. No, hold one, they do say one thing: that obviously it’s gonna be the brutal, slumming, grinding death metal extremity again, as all those bands have that weird, unpronounceable names, unreadable logos… and all love gore and other such shit haha! Hold on; here are their monikers: Incineration / Paroxysmal Butchering / Abdicate / Catatonic Rigidity / Goemagot – and the title of the
CD is "Horrendous Forms of Human Ruination". I’m actually too lazy to check some more details on every band, sorry, but to be honest with you, I doubt I will quickly come back to any of these bands. We have here 12 songs in total… starting with Incineration, who have four tracks of brutal death metal. Very predictable, very typical, fast and slamming dose of brutality, with quite raw production and pigsty vocals. Ehhh, nothing what would stick in my mind, just mediocre stuff, which goes in one ear and out the other. Paroxysmal Butchering also brings four tracks… they seem to be even more brutal, at least the production is way better here. And also musically it’s better band, I think, even though stylistically it’s very close. Quite impressive drumming, some nice riffs… Four fast, short slabs of massive, atrocious, vile sounding technical death metal. Abdicate has two songs… This band actually has some albums released for Sevared Records (which is quite respectable label on the field of brutal death metal). And what else can I write? It’s again butchering death metal, with quite old school sound, something alike to early Suffocation albums for example. Damn, I like their music the most from the whole CD; classic take on brutal death metal, but without crossing that edge of silliness, with some great, powerful riffs and nice, raw but powerful production. Yes, this band really shall be remembered and damn, I may even try to find some of their albums, as it’s really cool stuff. Finally we have last two bands, with one song from each of them… but neither Catatonic Rigidity nor Goemagot really impressed me, I am afraid, so I quickly erased them from my memory. “Horrendous Forms of Human Ruination" is another solid release from Rotten Music, I’m sure that fans of brutal death metal will love it. Personally I am very happy to hear about Abdicate. (65) And the final CD from Rotten Music… this is Italian band called Horrendous Rebirth with “Devouring Chaos” album. And damn, it’s surely among my two favourite releases from this label, as I like this band’s old styled, brutal death metal a lot!! It’s old styled, and when I listen to this album I feel the same as when I was shredding some brutal death metal records in the early 90’s, from bands like Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse, Malevolent Creation and some mid / late 90’s bands, like Vile, Deeds of Flesh, Avulsed, Dying Fetus. Definitely Horrendous Rebirth learnt their lesson in extreme death metal, they have the right attitude, good ideas and skills to play this quite technical, but not too complex, old school death metal… They came up with some really nice songs, also the sound quality on “Devouring Chaos” is awesome, so I must admit that I was listening to this album with great pleasure and of all Rotten Music releases, this one was shredding my guts the most and longest. And I don’t even mind some pig squeals that appear here and there. Very good album. (80)

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