Monday, 27 April 2015

Inexorable - Sea Of Dead Consciousness

INEXORABLE - Sea Of Dead Consciousness (UNHOLY PROPHECIES - EP 2015)
This is new band for me, but I am truly satisfied that I had a chance to hear their recent release, which is “Sea Of Dead Consciousness” EP, released on cassette by Unholy Prophecies (thanks a lot, Walter, for sending me a copy! You rule!). And the reason for this is simple; it’s just absolutely killer and mindblowing demonstration of obscurity and brutality. It’s actually the third official release from Inexorable – the two previous were also EPs, but they were released on CD format only, “Morte Sola” from 2013 was supposedly released on digipack in 1000 copies quantity, which is quite a lot… but damn, I just never heard of those Germans until I got some info from Unholy Prophecies about their newest release, which was “Sea Of Dead Consciousness”, also quite limited, but to barely 200 copies.
The whole EP can be split on two halves. The first one is on side A and consists of three songs, titled “I”, “II” and “III”. And it contains what I described above – great maelstrom of obscure, brutal, chaotic and morbid death metal riffs, played in the style, which one can even compare to such bands as Grave Miasma, Portal, Immolation, Mitochondrion, Teitanblood or Impetuous Ritual. It’s awesome. Obviously Inexorable creates utterly dark and sick atmosphere in their music, obviously the majority of these three songs have been played in fast tempos, what along with the thick and dense riffs creates a bulldozer of sound; a wall of sonic devastation, with some complex structures and arrangements, deep, ghoulish vocals and many truly impressive fragments, great harsh, massive production... Yeah, it almost creates this claustrophobic aura, when you think of being putted alive into the coffin and the lid was nailed to it… And you’re there in the small box, devoured by darkness, catching the last breath in panic and slowly suffocating, terrified and with no hope for survive. This is why I absolutely love bands like Inexorable and recordings like “Sea Of Dead Consciousness”; for the atmosphere of such music. Truly a spectacular release, I have no doubt.
And then there’s side B, which offers something different… as it contains three covers! First there’s truly killer “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas”, performed in brutal and sick way, with the vocals sounding not much different from the possessed performance of Attila in the original version. Absolutely love it!! The second choice for cover is more obvious, as it’s Immolation with “I Feel Nothing” from “Here In After”… yes, this one fits the usual style of Inexorable more and you can be sure that this technical and brutal track was performed in an impressive way. Finally the third cover is the most surprising one, I think; it’s Mysticum and “Black Magic Mushrooms”! Ha, I don’t even know this song in original version, as I never had a chance to hear “Lost Masters of the Universe”… but it’s typical Mysticum song, with that love it / hate it sound of drum machine… and Inexorable made it in very similar way, including that characteristic drum beat. Surely a nice cover again…
So, summing it all up… damn, do I need to, really? You can read only positive words on this EP and yes, I like it totally! Three absolutely awesome songs of Inexorable plus three killer covers, I don’t need more. I am totally crushed and I can say that I feel exactly the same as when I listened to the truly amazing tape EP from band called Peine – what a slaughter. Totally recommended, so get it ASAP! And I hope to see this release also on vinyl one day, as it truly deserves also this greatest of all formats.
Standout track: “II”

Final rate: 80/100

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