Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Erebus Enthroned / Blaze of Perdition - Accession of Fire

EREBUS ENTHRONED / BLAZE OF PERDITION - Accession of Fire (PAGAN Records - 10"MLP 2013)
Holy fuckin shit, I am absolutely crushed with the content of this 10”MLP, with two truly killer bands. “Accession of Fire” is a split, which joins the unholy forces of Australian Erebus Enthroned and Polish Blaze of Perdition. I do admit that I bought it just for the Polish band, whose music is constantly impressive, so I basically collect everything they release… At the time of release of “Accession of Fire” I did not know Erebus Enthroned, so it was the first time I had a chance to hear their music, but they turned out to be as great, if not even better, than Blaze of Perdition. So, the result is simply a killer and recommendable 10” vinyl!
Each band delivers only one song, but the whole MLP is 17 minutes long, so don’t worry, it will be enough music to satisfy your hunger for quality black metal. Erebus Enthroned brings their song first and “Deathless Sin” is simply perfect. I don’t really care if people will moan that the Australians copy some Swedish black metal bands and that they’re just following the religious BM trend – whatever that term “religious” means. Opinions are many, I don’t care about any of them. I only know the difference between killer and shit black metal and Erebus Enthroned is definitely the first. Their song has everything; great, vicious and furiously fast riffs, but it also embraces the dark, obscure atmosphere with great, melodic parts and almost epic bits, vide the opening theme of the song (which includes a nice choral chanting to increase the atmosphere). I know it’s nothing new, and surely you can compare Erebus Enthroned to such Marduk, Funeral Mist, Ascension, Valkyrja or Ofermod. But for fuck face, who cares when the song is so fuckin killer? The climax comes when Erebus Enthroned speeds up into a ferocious, Funeral Mist-like section and damn, I just love it. This song is almost nine minutes long, but it surely doesn’t feel like, as so much is going on here.
Meanwhile Blaze of Perdition brings us “Night of the Nights” and damn, if they wanted to get rid of the staple of Watain / Dissection followers with this track, then they surely succeeded. I think it is one of their most aggressive and vicious, if not THE MOST merciless songs so far, so bloody violent and pissed off attitude it has. This is just agressive with no remorse, as it is basically derived of the melody, which you could hear on some other songs of Blaze of Perdition and so it simply focuses on destructive black metal. And it works, of course! The vocals sound just sick and possessed (at that time there were still two vocalists in the band), the riffs are great, tempo is mainly fast, but this lengthy song is balanced between fast and slower pace, so… well, I have nothing more to add. And nothing more to desire. Both bands did exceptional work here, so this split is seriously a recommendable piece!

Final rate: 90/100

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