Saturday, 4 April 2015

Wound / Obscure Infinity - Souls of Eternal Damnation

WOUND / OBSCURE INFINITY - Souls of Eternal Damnation (FDA Rekotz - split 7"EP)
I buy quite a lot of 7” vinyl singles nowadays, probably more than I ever did before, as I like this format a lot and many newer bands and labels have rediscovered it and sort of brought it back to life in the extreme metal scene, after some time, when it – and vinyl in general – was not so “trendy”. But this is a problem – that the quantity not always comes in hand with quality and I feel like some of these seven inches contained second quality material of particular bands, that the songs they sometimes release on the singles are just not as good as those from the full length albums, so it feels like they just release some outtakes from recording session, just for the sake of having a 7”single in discography. I am not going to give you some examples, as everyone will have his own opinion… but I want to say that this feeling of second quality songs is not what I feel when I listen to this split 7” that I am gonna review now. This is a split between two German death metal bands: Obscure Infinity and Wound. I know both quite well, have their previous recordings in the collection… and you know what? When I listen to this split I feel like both bands delivered actually some of their best, if not THE BEST songs so far! Yes, that good it sounds, in my opinion.
Of course people who feel bored with the whole old school death metal movement will not be convinced and they will always moan and cry that this is not 1991 anymore. But I don’t care. Here are two relatively young bands and both have recorded a killer song each and that’s why I like about it.
I am especially satisfied with “Kingdom of Deceit” by Wound. This band, on their debut album “Inhale the Void”, sounded nice and I liked it, but at the same time I had to admit that it wasn’t as good as some other FDA releases or stuff from other labels. But this song sounds truly great. It obviously has that strong Swedish death metal influence, so some of the riffs are quite melodic, but the whole song is brilliantly aggressive, harsh and just straight forward, as it’s also quite fast and simply powerful as fuck. I think that stylistically Wound maybe changed a little bit, into more abrasive beast, but I like it this way. Just annihilating death metal, with some great riffs and really obscure atmosphere; oh, just listen to the ending part of this track!!! And then Obscure Infinity also delivered a nice song! Oh, it’s so lovely fast and uncompromising, almost like death / black metal, as it really has this obscure and evil feeling. Just as Wound, it also has some more melodic riffs thrown here and there, but generally the whole “Perdition Destiny” is an old school death metal annihilation and when it speeds up you can’t stop it or resist to this fantastic powerful eruption. Yes, definitely both bands delivered two of their best songs ever in my opinion! Killer split 7”EP!

Final rate: 85/100

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