Monday, 27 April 2015

Slaughter Messiah - Black Speed Terror

SLAUGHTER MESSIAH - Black Speed Terror (DEMONHOOD Productions - 7"EP 2014)
I already have praised Slaughter Messiah for their demo “Deathlike Invasion”, which they did in 2012 and which was a truly crushing piece of black thrashing assault. Later on I kept my eyes open for the activity of the band, there was also a killer interview, which I did with Sabathan and finally I was happy also when the drummer Spencer Elliot a’ka Sodomaniak contacted me… and that led to receiving two newest Slaughter Messiah releases. “Black Speed Terror” is the first of the two and it’s a 7”EP, released on Norwegian Demonhood Productions. There are three songs here and the quality I know from the demo is still here. Great!
The title for this single says everything about the music one can expect from the band. It is fuckin merciless and violent black / speed / thrash metal!! And the title track is also my favourite from the whole set. I really like that kind of riffing plus the uncompromising, aggressive attitude, not to mention also the memorable and killer chorus part, where we’ll all scream ”Black Speed Terror” of course!!! Yeah… it sounds very nice, indeed! “Cosmic Funeral (The Great Old Ones)” is also very vicious and totally recommendable song, it’s slightly chaotic here and there, due to the always fast tempo and harsh production, for sure Slaughter Messiah doesn’t even want to play harmonious parts or any weaker and softer riffs; it’s straight ahead and nasty, ferocious and sadistic black / thrash in the old school vein. I suppose that only the shortest song titled “Demon” is mediocre, but it’s solid anyways…
Maybe the production isn’t the best on this single, it surely could have been more powerful, but on the other hand such harsh and brutal recording quality fits such music very well, so why should one moan about it? No point. A nice 7”EP for sure, limited to 300 copies only, so sell your soul if you need, but grab a copy and support this awesome Belgian band!
Final rate: 70/100

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