Thursday, 23 April 2015

Warmaster - Promo 2012

WARMASTER - Promo 2012 (Self released)
There are few bands known as Warmaster, the most interesting is surely the US War Master, I think… but here’s a Dutch band, which decided to name themselves after the classic Bolt Thrower album. I have here only a short Promo CD from 2012 and honestly, I have not heard of this band until I received this small gift from a friend… but after giving some listens to this promotional recording, I know that I need to keep my eyes open for those Dutch basterds!
I am not sure what was the number of copies, which Warmaster released of this Promo CD, I also am not sure whether these songs were recorded during the same session as their versions from the second album “The End of Humanity”. The band did try to find a label to release their second CD with this promo and they did succeed, although I am not sure whether the choice for Dead Beat Media was good at all, if I never heard of this album / band before and it’s rather difficult to find it. Anyways, this Promo CD offers three songs: “Deadly Artillery”, “Nuclear Warfare” and “Death Factory” and it’s really cool old school death metal, I tell ya! Sure, Warmaster doesn’t create anything new and unbelievably amazing; they’re just another solid and worthy death metal band. But I do enjoy these songs a lot. I like the riffs, the brutal atmosphere… it’s simply very well performed and composed death metal influenced by such bands as Bolt Thrower (of course!), Asphyx, Autopsy, Obituary, Grave and some newer bands like Paganizer. So, you can imagine that Warmaster prefers mid paced crunchy, heavy and brutal riffs, sick atmosphere and sometimes they even put more doomy passage, to nail the listener to the ground even more mercilessly. Yeah… This is well known recipe, but once more it works very well. And some of you can moan on lack of originality or that you heard it so many times before, I don’t care at all. Warmaster is really cool, so I am definitely gonna try to find their both albums.

Final rate: 75/100

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