Monday, 28 April 2014

Puteraeon / Revel In Flesh - Imperial Anthems vol13

Even though I buy / collect many vinyl releases, I somehow didn’t bother myself with most of the stuff from the Imperial Anthems series of split 7”EPsm which Cyclone Empire puts out. Sure, I have some in the collection, but not even a half. But this one, the 13th volume was something that I just had to get... and I did, indeed! This is a golden vinyl shared by two death metal hordes: Revel In Flesh and Puteraeon! And both belong to some of my favourites, speaking of the New Wave of the Old School Death Metal! So, could I miss it? No way. Here we go then.
Starting with Putereon… At the moments we’re just before the release of their third album and I can’t believe it’s already been three years since the release of “The Esoteric Order” and two since “Cult Cthulhu” was unleashed. Time goes so damn quickly… Anyway, I definitely can call myself a fan of the previous Puteraeon records, so it won’t be a surprise if I say that I like these two new songs, which the band has putted here on this 7”. Stylistically nothing really has changed, it is the same sort of traditional take on the Swedish death metal, with the fat, buzzsaw guitars, characteristic rough production and slashing, partially melodic – but always damn aggressive – riffs. I especially like “Rotten Aeon”, which will also be included to the tracklist of the new album; this is a trademark song for Puteraeon, but “To Steal the Flesh” is of the same high quality, which we expect to hear from band like Puteraeon. Yeah, very good addition to the catalogue of this band!
Revel In Flesh attacks with just one, exclusive, song titled “A Chant of Misery”. And damn, for me this is the best part of the whole split EP and definitely also one of the best songs from the German band! This is a true fuckin epic death metal, with some brilliant harmonious parts and really great dark, obscure atmosphere throughout. This song is little bit different to the most of Revel In Flesh material, as it’s slower (but the tempo increases in few moments!), with some keyboards here and there, but the result is awesome. I really think this is one of the best tunes from the band and I can only wonder why the hell such a great song is just a leftover from the recording session of “Manifested Darkness”. Whatever… it is good that we can listen to it on this awesome split EP. This time I think that Revel In Flesh did a better job than Puteraeon, but both bands are cool, anyway. So, this EP may be nothing extraordinary and it won’t match the greatest death metal releases of all time, but it is great enough that the maniacs should be killing themselves of a copy.

Final rate: 80/100

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