Monday, 19 June 2017

Ritual Lair - Mother of Misery and All Repugnance (Diabolo Intervale)

RITUAL LAIR - Mother of Misery and All Repugnance (Diabolo Intervale) (GODZ OV WAR Productions MC 2017)
The previous Ritual Lair release, which I had a chance to hear and which was "Morbid Ritual of the Insane" EP was insane. I liked it a lot. Now I am spinning their newest cassette EP "Mother of Misery and All Repugnance (Diabolo Intervale)" and my impression is still the same - that it is damn awesome, throat cutting and ugly black metal, which you have to hear. This duo - consisting of LWN from Kingdom and SBCH from Freezing Blood - really knows how to slay with killer music and definitely they're doing a noteworthy job. 
Musically Ritual Lair is some sort of old school black metal, with riffs mainly influenced by the 80's black metal rather than the Norwegian second wave. So, there's plenty of Sodom, Bathory, Tormentor, even Sarcofago in it. Sure, there's a bit of Darkthrone in it as well, all in all Darkthrone was taking influences from the 80's black metal with full grasps. So was Aura Noir. All in all the music is obviously very archaic sounding, it has almost sort of speed / thrash metal vibe. It's primitive and vulgar in nature, it's insanely vicious and aggressive, nasty with obscure, filthy sound that fist this style very well. I especially like these sick, possessed vocals, sounding like they've been sang by someone who had too much vodka before the recordings started haha! But maybe that's the point! 
With no trace of melody or anything catchy it can be rather bitter in taste for some of you, but who cares... "Mother of Misery and All Repugnance (Diabolo Intervale)" is a strong release and all those, who like their metal to sound pure and old school, should like it a lot. A short release, with six short songs and 16 minutes on the clock, it ends a bit too soon for me. But it's damn enjoyable and I was playing it a lot lately. Best song? Hmm, maybe "I" and "IV", but all songs are pretty cool and similar to each other. Go then and get the cassette from Godz ov War. Limited to 100 copies only! 
Final rate: 75/100 

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