Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Bloodthirst - Let Him Die

BLOODTHIRST - Let Him Die (PAGAN Records - CD 2007)
Poland is not really famous for their thrash metal bands. Actually I must say that personally there are barely two or three bands from this style in here, which I like; the rest may not exist for me. And Bloodthirst is one of these very few exceptional bands. I remember that first time I have heard their music in the radio show “Mroczna strefa”, when they aired band’s very first demo “End is the Beginning”. Since then I was interested in this Bloodthirst’s music and tried to get all their recordings. And trust me; some of these releases are truly fuckin awesome. My favourites are probably split with Ebola, “Żądza krwi” EP and split with Exordium. But obviously I cannot forget about both full length albums of Bloodthirst… and the first one “Let Him Die” is a true thrash metal devastation! Damn, I just love this album!
When reviewing it, I would want to try to avoid the comparisons to another legendary thrash metal bands / albums, as I really don’t care about it. Besides, such band as Bloodthirst, even if is so deeply rooted in the classic, old school traditions of the genre, somehow manages to bring something fresh and more personal into the style, which is great of corpse! Firstly, I just love the production of “Let Him Die”. It is truly powerful, aggressive, energetic and every riff, every drum part sounds just right and so the music kicks ass. I like the guitar tone, also the bass is well audible, what is very important for such music! Speaking of which, the music is damn ferocious, harsh… it’s sharp as a knife thrash metal, with a lot of great, memorable riffs and hooks. Each song has something characteristic and recognisable, so I bet you’ll scream the chorus lyrics every time you’ll hear such “Excommunion (Sacrifice for Hell)”, “Desecrate the Life” or “Let Him Die” – if only you’ll have enough time between the maniacal headbanging, which must be practised while listening to “Let Him Die”. Yeah, Bloodthirst doesn’t come with anything innovative, but their music is just brilliant, it has everything what one would want to find on aggressive thrash metal record… And I really mean aggressive, not a wimpy Exodus clone crap with bad vocals. Speaking of the vocals, Rambo screams like crazy with almost blackish scream, what fits the whole music perfectly. So, is there anything more to add? Not really. “Let Him Die” is a pure antichristian thrashing madness and that’s it!
Standout tracks: “Excommunion (Sacrifice for Hell)”, “Desecrate the Life”

Final rate: 80/100

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