Monday, 7 April 2014

The Dead Goats - Ferox

THE DEAD GOATS - Ferox (Self released - CDR 2014)
It was quite unexpected, but definitely a nice surprise to see that The Dead Goats releases a demo. Unexpected, because they only just released their last MLP “Children of the Fungus” few months ago and besides, it is not something common, when a band with a debut album and MLP releases a demo. But this is a great surprise, also because I have enjoyed the previous recordings of The Dead Goats totally, so it is never too much to hear good music from such an awesome band. I managed to get a copy of “Ferox” on CDR, which the band released themselves in limited quantity of 300 copies, but there is also a tape version released by Arachnophobia Records (100 copies only), which may interest the die hard maniacs as well.
“Ferox” are basically just three songs, so this material would probably be perfect also for a 7” single, not just for the demo. Anyway, with these three songs the Goats only proved to be excellent band and that they unleash some of the better death metal from the Polish abyss these days. These three songs are enough to cause a serious hearing damage and neck ache, and I say that after listening to “Ferox” several times, playing it loud as hell and banging the skull maniacally. Love this music, love the production of the demo (which is better than the sound of “Children of the Fungus” in my opinion!) and these aggressive, furious, a little punky death metal songs, so deeply rotted in the Swedish dods metal scene. Finally, I love the riffs and that dark, sinister horror atmosphere of this music – which is only underlined by the brilliantly fitting intros (supposedly taken from the old “Dracula” movie). With all these things “Ferox” seems to be like the best of all The Dead Goats recordings so far. This music is sick, but infectious like the deadliest of all diseases. “Final Death” is so fuckin awesome song that it will make your ears bleed and the people will run away from you, when they smell the putrid stench of the dead and goat’s poo which you’ll be soaking with after listening to this music. Arrghhhh, fuckin beautiful, no more words are needed here. Praise the goat again, eat his shit and listen to “Ferox”.
Final rate: 90/100

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