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Blood Mortized - The Demon, the Angel, the Disease

BLOOD MORTIZED - The Demon, the Angel, the Disease (CHAOS Records - CD 2014)
There are many old school death metal bands nowadays, many of which play this music in the classic Swedish vein. As with every genre, there are some better and some worse acts, but definitely such bands as Entrails, Puteraeon, Tormented, Bombs of Hades, Graveyard (Spanish hehe!) are among the best. And I can easily add Blood Mortized to this list. This is just awesome band. Two great albums, especially the second CD was brilliant. They also did an excellent EP "Bestial", which I have on the limited to 100 copies cassette. And finally the time came to unleash their third plague, titled "The Demon, the Angel, the Disease". And damn, I am very excited about this album. Anders Biazzi was so kind that he sent me it and right after I finished torturing myself with his another killer band Just Before Dawn, it is Blood Mortized what ruled over my stereo. To explain it as simple as I can: "The Demon, the Angel, the Disease" is a killer album and I love it. For many of you it will be just another album in this style of music, some will probably say that it is nothing special and such album is cool, but no one will remember it in ten years. But I don't care. I feel very passionate and enthusiastic towards "The Demon, the Angel, the Disease" and really fuckin love the record, so I have no such worries. I just know that even in few years time this album will shred and will be a great piece.
I am pretty sure that this album will sound perfect for the maniacs of the rough, aggressive and classic Swedish death metal. I mean there are all the ingredients, which will always make these Swedish albums sound so bloody fantastic. And quality wise Blood Mortized stands above the majority of the bands from this style of music. There are some songs, which are all about the aggression, violence, brutality and headbanging; such as the opening track “Bastard”. It is pure ferocity in the Swedish vein. Also take a listen to “Blessed Are the Dead” – what a nasty fucker. The same can be said about the second song “The Black Flames of Desolation”, although this song contains quite few more melodic riffs / leads, which will resemble you the cult bands such as Desultory, Epitaph, Necrophobic, Macabre End, Goddefied and so on and on. “Noiseterror.08” will on the other hand be a perfect offer for the Grave fanatics (love that melodic theme in the middle of this song!!!). “I am the Dead” will blast like crazy, crushing and ripping with no mercy… but damn, when this song slows down into the mid paced, memorable chorus part I just cannot resist and always scream the lyrics together with Parkkila. More so, this is one of those songs, where I can say that Anders Biazzi shows his amazing skills for composing / playing brilliant melodies… this one being kind of melancholic, but it sounds so damn awesome that it instantly becomes one of the most memorable parts of the entire album. But the thing is that "The Demon, the Angel, the Disease" is filled with many more such fantastic and unforgettable parts. I always love these slower songs the most, when the band turns almost into the doomy beast, with some great classic Swedish melody… but when it blends with the death metal aggression and dark, obscure feeling, then it is just the best thing I could imagine. Songs like “Master of Pain” and “The Black Flames of Desolation” are some of the finest examples for this, but I would especially like to mention “I Leave With Hate”, which is a superb epic death metal tune. I truly love these beautiful melodies and the whole dark, mournful atmosphere of this song.
It may all sound like I’m flattering too much to Blood Mortized, but the thing is that this band, this album – both are just bloody excellent. There may be one or two songs, which are slightly less infectious – like “Dysphoria Dystopia” – but this is nothing major, but just a minor fault. And definitely it is nothing what would affect "The Demon, the Angel, the Disease". In its entirety, this album sounds just great. It has fantastic production, the performance of every member is top notch, so I have nothing to complain about. Definitely if you’re a maniacal freak of bands as Entrails, Puteraeon, Facebreaker, Paganizer, Malfeitor, Smothered, Interment and so on and on, then "The Demon, the Angel, the Disease" is an absolute must to have for you.
Standout tracks: “I Leave With Hate”, “Bastard”, “I am the Dead”, “The Black Flames of Desolation”, “My Soul, Your Flesh”, “Noiseterror.08”
Final rate: 83/100

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