Saturday, 19 April 2014

Putrevore / Putrefact - Funebre Plague into Darkness

PUTREVORE / PUTREFACT - Funebre Plague into Darkness (UNHOLY PROPHECIES - 7"EP 2014)
Funebre Plague into Darkness” is the split 7”EP, which a new label on the scene has just unleashed. The label is called Unholy Prophecies and I can say that they already on the start have some great bands in the roster (like Morbid Flesh, Insulters plus they also released three killer 7”EPs). “Funebre Plague into Darkness” joins the unholy forces of Putrevore (yeah, Rogga again!!!!! In this band he’s in collaboration with Dave Rotten from Avulsed) and Putrefact.
I started to listen to this 7” with the Putrefact side, because I have never heard of those Mexicans before and I really wondered what are they like. This is rather new band, having only a couple of releases prior to this split, but I was very eager to hear them, as some Mexicans bands are really fuckin awesome – like Infinitum Obscure, Omision, Denial and Ominous Crucifix. And definitely this one song titled “Morbido Obscuro” did not disappoint, so I can add yet another killer band to this list! It shreds like a fuckin bulldozer! It is harsh as hell, obscure and morbid (hehe) death metal, based on vicious riffing, severe vocals and frenzy, relentless fast pace. Great, great song, really, I actually like it even more than Putrevore side of the split, as there’s something truly ferocious in it, with great atmosphere and it’s that kind of death metal, which I can compare to such Throneum or Sadistic Intent and which I always liked so much. Killer stuff!
Putrevore offers a song titled “A Cold Grasp in the Night”. And I guess that if you’ve liked this band’s two previous albums, especially the killer “Macabre Kingdom”, then I think you won’t be disappointed with their song. Putrevore’s death metal is quite different to Putrefact, it may not be so vicious and possessed, but surely it is more brutal and heavy, with some truly crushing riffs and deep growling parts of Dave Rotten. The production on this song is maybe not 100% what I like, but it is not bad either. Definitely this is another cool song and in total I must say that the whole “Funebre Plague into Darkness” is just a brilliant 7 inch piece of red vinyl. I like it a lot, so I recommend you getting yourself a copy. There are barely 300 units released, so you better be quick!

Final rate: 80/100

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